interview conflict

  1. boundlesscorpuscle

    Cancelling Scheduled Interviews

    I have been extremely lucky to receive many interview invites this cycle at a lot of great schools. I had originally planned on attending any interviews I received, but I hadn't anticipated how many invites I would get and exactly how expensive travelling would be. Now that I have an acceptance...
  2. boundlesscorpuscle

    Should I inquire about later interview dates?

    Today I received an interview invitation from an excellent program. I was excited until I looked at the available dates. I will already be travelling to or attending other interviews for all but one of the available dates, and this is just a few days before the Christmas holiday. As such, plane...
  3. 3toedsloth

    Which school has the WORST admissions staff?

    My vote is for the Chicago School of Medicine at Rosalind Franklin. My experience this year was: FIRST, They assigned me a day to interview e. I was unable to make this date because my dad was undergoing surgery and I wanted to be there for him. When I told them this, they said "Should you...
  4. MedSmithie

    Need to decide today! Will traveling for a class in January affect my interviews?

    I am applying this cycle (2018-2019), and I was accepted into a class that includes a trip abroad for the entire month of January. The class will be an amazing experience and is medically-related, but I am concerned that this conflict will impact my interviews. Will there be enough flexibility...
  5. Piglet2020

    Should I go to remaining interviews? Va Tech, WVU, NYMC?

    U Maryland - Accepted Penn State - Awaiting decision Va tech - II WVU - II NYMC - II At this point, my reasons to continue interviewing is: 1) Financial/scholarship offers (but that’s in Spring) 2) Higher ranked schools 3) Curriculum & atmosphere (would I be happy living and learning here?)...
  6. leturbinator

    Interview Dilemma

    Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well and you application cycle is successfully. I've run into a bit of dilemma concerning interviews. So I'm a NY resident, and I applied almost everywhere given my relatively low MCAT score (502). I'm starting to get interviews from places in the midwest...
  7. mandu_cheeks


  8. Vrachika

    Need Advice-Attend Back to Back interviews or change a date

    So, last friday I received my first two interviews...4 hours apart from each other. I am of course excited but I have a bit of a dilemma. They are on back to back days. The frist interview I received is for 11/9. I was called about this interview and offered a date mid October (that I couldn't...
  9. P

    2 week Study Abroad in Jan...Interfere with interviews?

    I am applying to PT school this summer of 2016 and am planning to take a 2 week study abroad from January 1st-12th for an English Composition class. Will this interfere with interview dates?
  10. B

    Interview Date Conflict - Advice?