1. T

    Is it too late for interview invites?

    I know it varies by school but I submitted all my secondaries by august 23rd and have only heard back from 3 out of 17 schools (with one interview and two holds). Does this likely mean that I won't be getting any more interview invites? I know I should just be patient but I am having trouble...
  2. SoMuchMCATAhhhh

    How bad is it to not get invited for an interview during the first round of invites?

    Is there a rhyme or reason to who gets invited to interviews first? Does it hurt your chances to not be invited during the first batch of invites sent out? According to the spreadsheet it looks like some people are getting interviews before other applicants who (atleast on paper) have...
  3. M


    Welcome to the post-ERAS-submission world! Congratulations on getting this far! Let's get this thread started. Stealing this template from the thread from two years ago. 1) Keep the list in the body when you reply. 2) Please sort alphabetically by state. 3) Try to say what school/program you...
  4. Fishy fish

    How Many Interviews?

    Just out of curiosity, how many interview invites have you all received so far? I have 1 MD and 3 DO IIs which I'm very grateful for but also worried about not getting more MD IIs.
  5. planeblue

    Planeblue's Interview Invite Tracker

    All: Over the past several months, I have slowly made my way through each of the school-specific threads for the 2015-2016 application cycle and logged each reported interview invitation (II) by month. The objective of this project is to provide applicants with a general idea of how many II's...
  6. N

    Applied super late... Like, yesterday.

    So, sent in secondaries yesterday. IF I was to receive any IIs, (I know that's a big if), when might they be headed my way? Do they go in order of submission, i.e. I'll get them at the end of interview season? Or could I receive one from a school before someone else whose been waiting for weeks...
  7. S

    Preliminary Programs No Invitations Yet

    Hi, I have been following the forum since ERAS opened and I am getting very worried as I have only received ONE interview invitation for a preliminary position. However, I received about 7 radiology invitations already. I applied to about 50 IM prelim, 25 Surgical Prelim and 15 Transitional...
  8. E

    Class of 2020 Interview Invitations

    Hey guys! I just wanted to post a new thread about interview invitations since they should start arriving soon! It would be really helpful for others who have been through the interview process to give tips and advice. Preparation is the key to success! Good luck everyone! :)...
  9. H

    Osteopathic Radiology Residency Interview Invites 2015-2016

    Anyone get interview invites yet? Please state: Name of Program; Date of interview notification (interview dates provided); additional details