irish medical schools

  1. wolfnscale

    Atlantic Bridge- "Official" What are my chances? (And advice) Thread

    (Not sure if this thread will take, but here's to hoping it catches on and becomes official!) Since applying through AB and being accepted to NUIG, I've seen several students looking for advice and more information on what the chances are of them getting accepted to Irish medical schools. It...
  2. wolfnscale

    NUI Galway Medicine - Sept 2018

    Hi everyone, CONGRATS to those who were accepted to NUIG Medicine for all year length programs. I thought we might use this thread to keep in contact, talk about decisions, blah blah, blah, in addition to whatever Facebook group goes up. Has anyone accepted their NUIG offer? Anyone still...
  3. neuroace

    BAO for matching to OBGYN

    In terms of matching to the US in OBGYN- does anyone know if, all other things being equal, an IMG with a BAO [M.B., B.Ch., BAO is awarded to Irish/some UK med schools] would be regarded more so than just a MBBS? Noone goes to the Irish/UK threads...
  4. C

    Atlantic Bridge - Chances?

    I am currently a sophomore who is applying to the Atlantic Bridge program for the upcoming year, and I'm wondering if anyone can give me some insight into my chances of admission? My high school stats were eh - 3.3 cumulative. I turned things around my freshman year and ended with a 3.78 GPA...
  5. Z

    Medical student in Ireland

    Hi , I'm a medical student in Ireland , but I'm a international student ( Non-EU ) . I'm thinking of doing my internship overseas ( UK , US or any other EU countries) if I couldn't get my internship placement in Irish hospital ( for which I think the chances are quite small as they prioritise...
  6. A

    Irish Medical Schools

    Hi! I'm wondering whether anyone can give any advice on the various Irish universities offering graduate entry medicine (UCD,RSCI,Cork, Galway, Limerick). Infos regarding their reputation, teaching styles etc would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. G

    Canadian-Italian Citizen do residency in UK

    Hello, I'm a Canadian pre-med student who is considering applying to Ireland for medical school. I was born and lived in Canada my entire life. However, my grandparents are Italian and as such, I am eligible for dual citizenship. I am currently working on obtaining my italian citizenship which I...