1. npgrdh

    Non-Trad Early Applicant, Please Help!

    Please help, I’m a non-traditional applicant with around 100-120 community service hours 5+ years of assisting, and 2 years as a dental hygienist! I applied broadly, but so far only have one interview from Midwestern AZ. It’s been over a month since then, and I’m starting to lose my patience...
  2. S

    Pushing MCAT date to later - advice?

    Hi all, I'm an undergraduate pre-med student. I'm considering pushing my MCAT date to July 20 (scores release August 20). I will have my AMCAS application completed (except MCAT score) by early June and will submit it for the verification process since it takes 6-8 weeks. I will choose one...
  3. GodIsBeautiful

    PCAT Tips!

    Hello, all! Has anybody taken the PCAT this July, and have any tips for future test-takers? I've taken about 5+ practice exams, yet I still feel underprepared. I feel like I'm going to run out of time, especially in the Critical Reading section. Also in Chemistry, because I have not taken any...
  4. Justduckyy


    I am taking the DAT July 21 and was wondering if I will be considered "late". Everything else is verified and ready to go.
  5. GodIsBeautiful

    PCAT date coming soon; I'm scared!

    Am I the only person frightened to take my PCAT? I live in New York, and my test day is on July 18th. I'm so frightened, I feel like I've studied a lot, but nothing is retaining. If you have any tips of how I can overcome this burdening fear, please comment below! It would be much needed; much...
  6. D

    Chances, with Postponing MCAT to August?

    I'm currently taking the MCAT on July 21st and debating whether or not to postpone ~2 weeks, to August 3rd. I'm applying this cycle and plan to submit my app within the next week. My cGPA is a 3.63, sGPA is a 3.67. Lots of ECs, including 4.5 years of research (1 3rd author publication), leading...
  7. R

    Re-taking MCAT in July good idea?

    Hey all I could really use some advice as to how to handle my situation best. I took the MCAT in january received my score of 503 my GPA is a 3.78 I am a student-athlete with a good amount of extra-curriculars on my application. My question is should I apply to MD programs with my current GPA...
  8. KCraig

    When do schools send secondary applications?

  9. C

    PCAT Scoring Issue - Need opinions

    Hi guys! I'm an undergraduate student that just completed her first year at a university as a direct admit to Pharmacy School in the Pre-pharmacy program. My overall cumulative GPA at the moment is 3.9. As direct admits, we are supposed to take the PCAT the summer after our first year and...
  10. C

    Any URM success with late AAMC primary app submission? (july,august, september)

    I plan on submitting my primary app around mid July. I heard in other threads that July submissions are considered late. I'm kindly asking any URM if they had any success with acceptances when applying later in the application cycle.
  11. F

    Retaking PCAT in October/November for Pharmcas Dec 1,2016 Deadline.

    Guys I need some advice, I took the PCAT in July2016 and these were my scores: Essay: 2.5 BIOL: 82 CHEM: 96 QR:29 CR:16 COMP: 64 I haven't registered for the OCT/NOV PCAT because im unsure if I can retake it and be ready (PCAT results in pharmcas) for the Dec 1 2016 pharmcas deadline. What do...
  12. C

    July PCAT

    Hey guys, I'm new here and I just wanted to share how I feel, I'm so anxious after taking a kaplan practice test since english is not my first language and those chem/biol passages were killing me. It's a lot of pressure to read and analyze them on time to answer the questions, any tips on...
  13. C

    Is July 18th too late to submit AMCAS Primaries??

    I took the June 18th MCAT and am waiting for my score ( July 17th). Non-trad applicant and don't really have the money to shell out if my score isn't here I need it to be..... Will submitting my AMCAS on the 18th of July really hinder my chances? ( all other factors aside...gpa, mcat score...
  14. F

    July 9th vs July 22nd MCAT

    Hey everyone, just wondering if you guys think taking the MCAT July 9th instead of the 22nd will make a difference. I'm signed up for the 9th, but my friend gave me 8 more practice exams from TPR (I have 7 FLs now), and I need more time to do them. I can do these new 8 between the 9th and 22nd...
  15. M

    mcat test date july + apply this cycle vs august + apply next cycle

    Hey guys! What are your personal experiences with: taking an early July MCAT and applying vs choosing to take a later MCAT (ex. August) and apply the following cycle? I am a nontraditional applicant (completed my pre-reqs in undergrad in 2009-2013; sci GPA 3.7/non sci 3.8) and I want to...
  16. I

    Switch MCAT from May 20th to July 9th? Also, TMDSAS questions.

    As of now I am signed up for the May 20th test date, but with finals approaching I feel like I won't be as prepared as I would like. The June test dates are full in my state, but there is a July 9th date available. How adversely would the later date affect my application? I feel the stronger...
  17. F

    PCAT preparation? Any advice

    Hey everyone! I plan to take the PCAT this coming July and I was wondering if you have any advice- study aids, tools, websites, anything that could prep me in advance for this test. What has helped you ace it? I have biochem, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology left as course I did not...