1. Q

    Learning a 2nd language (French/Spanish)

    I have some extra time now, MS3, and have always wanted to learn a second language! For background, I'm interested in a US dermatology residency and spent considerable time building my CV early on, if that matters. I have time before I would apply. I've tried spanish multiple times and lost...
  2. J

    Studying Spanish in Guadalajara, Mexico

    Just wanted to post this thread in the hopes that it might help someone out in the future. If you're looking to study Spanish abroad somewhere, I highly recommend the classes offered by the University of Guadalajara at their College of Spanish and Mexican Culture (CECM Colegio de Español y...
  3. bakerstreetboii

    BSMD Program Applicant Extra Curriculars

    Hello, I’m currently a sophomore in high school aiming for entry into a bsmd program. Would it make me a more interesting and unique applicant and give me a greater chance of admission (not considering stats and other ecs) if I follow my interests and get online certified in ASL (american sign...
  4. L

    Best language to fulfill an Undergrad foreign language requirement?

    Should I learn Spanish, German or Russian to fulfill my foreign language requirement for undergrad? * Which is best for medical school? *** I understand that Spanish is very practical and widely spoken across the US. However, will learning a different language other than Spanish set me apart or...
  5. R

    Learning another language will increase wages?

    I read somewhere that being proficient in another language not only makes you a more attractive candidate, but increases how much you earn. Is there any truth to that? And are there any languages in particular that are more profitable to know?
  6. YellowTurtle

    How much should a language barrier play into residency choice?

    Hi all. Current MS4 here, plan on applying to general surgery. Currently working on my list of programs to apply to. I go to a school in the south where one of our main hospitals has a patient population where ~85% of the patients speak Spanish (not even an exaggeration). Being that I am not a...
  7. donutzebra

    "Other" Languages on AMCAS

  8. N

    Has anyone used gap years to learn Spanish?

    I will most likely be taking two gap years before medical school. While I'm still playing around with the idea of TFA/peace corps/americorps or even public health research, I'm also really interested in learning Spanish intensively. I know that I am interested in working with underserved...
  9. A

    Any med student from germany?

    Hello I have a question for med student from Heidelberg or other universities. I don't have German language skills. I want to have medicine education in Heidelberg. Is there conditional acceptance for foreign student?
  10. I

    Retaking Spanish?

    I took AP Spanish in high school, and I got credit for 3 semesters. However, I want to take it in college, starting from the beginning because I want to be fluent before medical school by first mastering basic Spanish. I was wondering if this would hurt my chances of getting into medical school...
  11. A

    What are Salaries like for Veterinary Residents in Europe

    Hi - Thanks in advance to any answers and comments; much appreciated!!! I'm new to the forum, and I had a look around, but didn't find as much information for us European vets. I am a non-Irish vet in Ireland, looking to specialize at some point. I am just 8 months in practice at the moment, so...
  12. SrJulio

    Foreign languages helpful?

    I am bilingual. Right now, I am self learning a third language for fun. Just curious, has any of you found foreign languages useful? If so, which language(s) did you study? It does not have to be directly related to dentistry
  13. C

    Language Learning through HPSP (Air Force)?

    Hello! I'm a (just finished with M1 year) medical student who took the HPSP from the AF. Currently sitting through classes in COT and wondering what to do with myself. The flight commander starts talking about language learning options. I asked about the option of utilizing some of them (want...
  14. G

    Language as Interests and Adding Hours for ECs?

    I have two questions: (i am applying this coming cycle, btw) 1) I plan on taking an ASL class this summer and learning German on Rosetta Stone, mainly out of interest. So, should I add that I'm passionate about learning those two languages and why on my application for interest/hobbies? 2) Is...
  15. U

    Thoughts on having an international language translated Step 1 Question Bank?

    Hello everyone! I am thinking of developing a Step 1 question bank that have questions set to non-English languages. I wanted to ask everyone here if you would think this would be helpful in your studying? Particularly if you are an international medical student, seeking to pass Step 1 and Step...