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Aug 12, 2016
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Hi - Thanks in advance to any answers and comments; much appreciated!!!
I'm new to the forum, and I had a look around, but didn't find as much information for us European vets. I am a non-Irish vet in Ireland, looking to specialize at some point. I am just 8 months in practice at the moment, so still have about a year and a half to before I apply for a residency, and I mean to prepare myself as much as possible in the meantime.
Still not 100% positive on which specialization I'd like to do - a favorite would be ophthalmology, closely followed by, or integrated with surgery, but more like soft tissue Sx, not ortho. Emergency medicine is also interesting, but so far, I don't see that as an available specialty, which doesn't mean that I may just go the route of getting other levels of certification in that area.

In any case, I did not attend an American school, although I am american, and plan on staying in Europe, in the long run.
So far, the plan is to take some ESAVS courses, and get a GP Cert from Improve International before applying for a residency program.
Does anyone have experience and/or an opinion on their choice of residencies in Europe and work afterwards?

Specific questions:
1. which residency did you choose and where? if I know English, but would like to apply to let's say, Stockholm, or Vienna, language-wise, do they offer intensive language courses before starting? I am enthusiastic enough to study on my own beforehand, but it would be hard to get at the necessary medical level while still living in Ireland, and I would need to stay employed for 2 years' to qualify for residency application.

2. what was the salary like during and after residency, and how long did it last?

3. where did you find work after residency? salary there? how much clinical work? can you combine specialty work with GP?

4. How did you prepare (make yourself a good candidate) for residency? (what kind of training/experience beforehand)

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