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  1. M

    Two PT interviews on same day

    Hello everyone, I am in a bit of a debacle. I accepted an interview at LIU-BK around a month ago for 12/6. This morning, I got an interview offer from Kean University On the same day at the same time. How would you guys feel about this, ask Kean to see if I could come in another day Or tell...
  2. productofcommunitycollege

    LIU PharmD class of 2023

    Hey all! The other forum doesnt seem to be very active. I was wondering if anyone who interviewed for LIU on February 22nd has heard back yet? They said 2-3 weeks, and today marks 3 weeks and i havent heard back! I just got an acceptance from Touro, and i want to hear back from LIU before i make...
  3. F

    Program-Specific Info / Q's LIU Brooklyn 2019

    Hi everyone! I just received an email from LIU Brooklyn for an interview at the end of the month. I do not really know much about their program at all. However, I already got accepted into my 2nd choice program which is closer to home so I am not sure if I should take the interview or not. Does...
  4. GodIsBeautiful

    LIU Brooklyn C/O 2023.

    Hi, is anyone looking to apply to LIU Brooklyn - Pharmacy in Fall 2019?
  5. OTwannabe2017

    Program-Specific Info / Q's LIU BS/MS loans

    Hi everybody! I was accepted into LIU's BS/MS OT program and am wondering how loans work since the program starts out as a BS program. Does anybody know how long you are considered an undergraduate student/ does anybody have information regarding loans? My specific concern is that since I will...
  6. J

    Upcoming Interviews

    I have interviews coming up with Temple, Drexel, LIU-Brooklyn, and Stony Brook University this month, does anyone know about their interview processes? Or can give me some helpful tips to go into these interviews with? Thanks!
  7. I

    What's it like to be a pre-pharmacy student at LIU Brooklyn?

    Do you get any scholarships for being in the honors program? If not, what are the advantages of being in an honors class? Are the honors classes much smaller than the regular classes? Do you only buy books through the LIU bookstore? Are the prices different on their online bookstore than in...