1. YoungFlash01

    Leave of Absence between M2-M3 Dilemma!!

    Hi Everyone, I am finishing M2 in a few weeks and am taking a medical LOA before starting 3rd year. I am deciding on taking a one semester loa (starting 3rd year in January and being off-cycle) or taking the entire year off. I am conflicted on what to do as it would be nice not to have to take...
  2. O

    Need advice for LOA length for maternity/baby for 3/4th year

    Hello everyone, my husband and I recently found out we are pregnant. I just started 3rd year. I'm having a meeting to discuss options for maternity leave with my school soon but wanted to also see what people's experience were here. My school forces students to take a leave of absence no...
  3. D

    How bad is an LOA?

    Long story short, I failed a bunch of classes and I requested an LOA to repeat M1 because I know I don't have the material down. Throughout the semester I had multiple makeup exams for those classes but failed those due to limited time to study. Now they are being put over the 5 week summer...
  4. hermionegranger9

    Thoughts on taking Leave of Absence (LOA)?

    So I am currently in my first semester (summer) of PT school (during a pandemic) which I am not sure was such a good idea given it's all online. I have been struggling in my anatomy classes due to multiple reasons (connectivity/ wifi issues during zoom calls, a disconnect with the topics...
  5. G

    2 yrs LOA. Chances of residency??

    Hello everyone, I am a non-US IMG studying in my 4th year. Med school in my country is 5 years. I was diagnosed with severe depression when I was in my 3rd year. Just before my 3rd year final exams, things took a bad turn, and I was admitted to a psych ward which resulted in me not...
  6. H

    Help! Graduating in 6 years...drop out?

    (erased for privacy)
  7. K

    Preparing for USMLE Step I and taking classed during summer

    I basically had a really horrible second semester of MS2 following a tough first semester involving a category 5 Hurricane. Thanks to the 20% and 25% that the NBME shelfs for path and pharm contribute to grade, I didn't pass the courses by 1.5-2%. Im taking them in the summer (June, probably)...
  8. D


  9. M

    MD & DO LOA between 2nd and 3rd year for family

    Hello everyone, I have seen a few forums on here somewhat with the same topic but most are 2+ years old. I am currently a second year student who is thinking about taking a year off between 2nd and 3rd year to start a family. I am interested in rural family medicine almost exclusively and would...
  10. D

    Decelerate M2 year?

    TLDR: Could I still match with an LOA and a decelerated M2 year if I'm otherwise good? Hi. I am finishing my M1 year after taking an LOA between 1st and 2nd semesters for a vascular lesion on my brain. But mostly for severe depression after an assault (& had surgery on my leg). I got...
  11. JohnnyArmani

    LOA Excuse

    I am filling out a Leave of Absence (LOA) form for my medical school in order to study for the USMLE Step 2 CK & CS. The form states that there is an "explanation required for consideration". I am not sure if programs I will apply to for residency will look at this form so I'd like to get ideas...