1. H

    Is it worth an extra $200/month to live next to your med-school? and similar questions.

    Would love advice from those who've decided for or against this, or a discussion with people debating it themselves. I know a large portion of our education has been online these days, and a large portion of med students study in their own homes as well. That said this apartment is literally...
  2. T

    Physical Therapy Space

    Hi everyone! We have a 3800 sqft space that is available for a good portion of the day M-F and thought it would be a great place for someone to start out with their practice. Also, open for Saturday and Sunday! We have all the equipment available and are located in Lodi, California. Please let...
  3. Fishy fish

    How to let a school know it's your top choice

    So I'm planning on submitting secondaries to 20ish MD schools and 4 DO. Realistically though, only 5 of those schools are ones I can attend without having to live apart from my husband. We decided we'd be willing to live apart for a year while he finishes his residency, which I don't find ideal...
  4. whosnisarg

    Fun Little Question! (Florida Dentistry)

    Hey, guys! Just wondering - what are your thoughts on private practice ownership in Florida (specifically in/near Miami) for mostly cosmetic cases? I was thinking about where people care most about their looks and I've already heard NY and CA are pretty saturated but haven't heard much about...
  5. Brownskinladae

    Best location for private practice in the DMV?

    Hello everyone, I am planning to start a private practice in the DC, Maryland, or Virginia area. I am undecided about whether to start a fee-for-service or insurance-based practice. I am leaning towards trying my luck with fee-for-service initially. It would seem that I would need to find an...
  6. S

    Loyola Stritch vs UW Madison

    Loyola Pros Went there for a Master's of Medical Physiology program so I know the school and feel really comfortable there Would be able to live in Chicago, where I've lived for 3 years and have a solid support system, I also have a serious long term relationship here (I'm 25, my boyfriend is...
  7. N

    POD School Safety

    I'm looking at my options for POD school, since I have a high chance of living alone. What schools are the safest and what schools are the most dangerous? I'm mainly looking at Temple. But I am also looking at Barry, CSPM, Kent State, and Scholl.
  8. Upstage

    Best city for medical school?

    Just curious if you all could choose which state/city to live in for medical school-- where would it be and why? For me i'm really interested in being in big cities/states like California(Native),Florida, or New York. My partner is in the marketing/advertising field and we really feel like the...
  9. S

    How important is the location?

    Hi all! Just a question about how important is the location of the pharmacy school? I've seen a lot of people say that pharmacy school is where you build a lot of your pharmacy connections, are these local connections super useful when it is time for residency matching? I grew up in...
  10. CreedThoughts

    Is Medical School Debt Worth the Location?

    At this point I am heavily considering 2 schools. School A is in my home state and it would be very inexpensive to attend. School B is in a major city (which would be good for clinical experience, and they're known to be good for the type of specialty I'm considering right now) but their...
  11. OT1224

    Coursework & Fieldwork Information about field works? Tips, advices, etc

    Hello, Because all OT students are required to do field works, is there any information or tips you could share? In my school, mini fieldworks I (per population/types) happens every semester (starting semester 2). The last 6 months is a big fieldwork II. How many times a week you have to do...
  12. J

    Dental school near Optometry school?

    Does anyone know of any Dental school that is very close to an Optometry school? (in the same city-ish?) I'm asking for any location in the US. My sister and I hope to apply to those places so we can be able to live near each other to save money on living expenses. Thanks guys!