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    In 2021, is undergrad GPA still weighted more than graduate GPA for non-trad?

    Hello, I have been out of undergrad for two years working FT as a clinical research assistant, and recently PT as a vaccination assistant at the mass vaccination sites in my state. I am currently getting my EMT license to work FT on an ambualnce, while dropping back to PT at the hospital. The...
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    Any Chance of Getting Into Masters Program with Horrible Transcript?

    Hey. I've been looking around on sdn for a while to see what the best route I should take to get accepted to dental school someday. My overall GPA is a 3.04 right now while my science GPA is a 2.89. My transcript is full of blemishes. I have 2 F's and 3 D's. I have an F Organic Chem 1 and...
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    Nontraditional Student- low sgpa looking for advice

    Hello SDN community, Could anyone shed some light on how admissions will likely look at my stats? I received my bachelors in science degree in 2009, and joined the Army shortly after. After 9 years of service, I am ready to pursue my long time interest in dentistry. The glaring issue for me...
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    9 interviews with a 500 MCAT

    Hi I just wanted to write a quick post to any premeds because when I was in your situation I read tons of different posts on this website that made me feel like garbage and that I would never get in because of my lower GPA and MCAT. I scored a 500 breakdown was 127/125/123/125. My gpa was a...
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    Reapplicant, should I do a post-bac?

    Hi everyone So I applied to around 20 schools this cycle and not a single interview... I still haven't heard back from a couple schools but at this point I don't think I'll be hearing any good news anyway, so I've decided to reapply next year. California Asian female applicant. My cGPA is 3.7...
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    Hello, It's me, Overwhelmed , speaking

    Hello everyone, I am currently a second semester sophomore and I feel really overwhelmed about my prospects of dental school. I feel like I am not going to get into dental school with my scores and it is stressing me out. I see many students who have much higher GPAs than I do and I just...
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    Advice for bringing up sGPA after graduation

    So I'm a junior in undergrad who has just recently decided to go for medical school, so I'm a little behind. I'm interested in MD and DO, and know I won't be applying for at least 2 or 3 years. I actually have solid extra curriculars and volunteer experience that I can build upon, so I know...
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    ignore - moved into another thread (Revision of my medical school plan? Appreciate any help)

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    What are my chances and what schools should I apply to?

    Hi everyone, I've been following SDN post for a while viewing trying to find some advice for my situation. I figured it would be best to post my stats and see what advice I get. So here they are: Undergrad cGPA: 3.43 Undergrad sGPA: 3.0 MCAT: 506 (127/124/127/128 did poorly on CARS which...
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    MD Should I apply for early decision? Odd situation

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    MD & DO TX Resident: Low GPA, Avg Competitive MCAT, Chances?

    Hi everyone, I'm a Texas resident currently attending an OOS top 25 university in California. What are my chances for Texas MD, AMCAS MD's, and DO schools based on my given stats? Major: Biology 4th year Asian male TMDSAS/AMCAS cGPA: ~3.5 TMDSAS/AMCAS sGPA: ~3.3 MCAT: 511/85% (Chem: 129 CARS...
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    What are my Chances for Texas Medschools?

    Hello, The pre-health advisers at my school are terrible. I was hoping for some advice (and maybe some encouragement) from people here. I am currently a senior in a Texas university. I will be taking an extra semester. My cGPA is 3.49 currently with sGPA at around 3.3, with a strong upward...
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    Serious GPA Repair and Strategy Advice

    Hi, so this is long overdue but my own pride and denial prevented me from viewing my situation as realistically as possible. I attended a Top 15 undergraduate university, and I have great leadership, lab research, and shadowing experience. However, I have a sGPA of a 2.57 with 77 credits...