1. Nomadness

    New Orleans, LA (NOLA) - One room available in shared home with Tulane med student

    👋🏼 y’all! We have one room available in a new construction home starting January 1 (flexible). Shoot me an email (bjohnso at tulane dot edu) if you’re interested. ABOUT THE AVAILABLE ROOM: Huge master-sized room (15.6 ft x 12.7 ft) Tons of natural light “Jack-and-Jill” style bathroom...
  2. C

    LSU Current Students & Recent Grads

    Are you happy with your education and everything that came with it at LSU? I told one of our doctors about my interest in the school and she warned me that professors weren’t sticking around. I believe she used the term “dropping like flies.” I know there was also a minor deficiency in physical...
  3. U

    LSU C/O 2023

    Let's get this party started. Anybody been moved into folder review yet?
  4. D

    Wayne State vs Toledo vs LSU New Orleans

    I’d love to hear your perspectives to help me make my decision. I am a California resident who would like to match back to California. My main interests specialty-wise are orthopedics, interventional radiology, and diagnostic radiology. Wayne State University School of Medicine Pros: P/F...
  5. R

    LSU SVM Quality of Program

    Hi, I am strongly considering LSU SVM for veterinary school if I am lucky enough to get in! I was just curious how they're program is as far as getting hands on experience, doing surgeries, etc. I have heard mixed reviews about the clinical years and how students don't even tough an animal...
  6. scatter.brained.pre-dvm

    LSU C/O 2022

  7. T

    Looking for guidance

  8. texas1995

    LSU Alternate List? (OOS)

    Hey guys! So I applied to LSU's SVM and was a little disappointed with how they went through the admission and interview process. Unfortunately, they decided to NOT interview OOS residents (which doesn't include Arkansas residents since that's a contract school). So, they already sent offers to...
  9. medflava

    LSU Shreveport Psychiatry Residency

    Can anyone update me on LSU shreveport? What so unique about it?
  10. DVM_in_the_making

    LSU c/o 2021

    Ok, Ill start this one! So Ive had my GPA's calculated/posted but haven't heard anything about the ranking yet!
  11. JxP

    ***Official LSU Class of 2021 Interview/Acceptance Thread**

    Couldn't find a thread for LSU so I hope I'm doing this right. Has everyone got their supplemental app from LSU?