mcat 2019

  1. M

    Success After Getting MCAT Accommodations?

    I was just approved for extra time (1.25x) and stop the clock breaks for a disability. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with extra timing--specifically, do you feel the accommodations helped you improve your score? Can people share their scores before and after accommodations, if possible?
  2. S

    Are my 2015 Kaplan MCAT Books Outdated?

    My goal is to take the MCAT by June of this year and apply to medical school, but the only resources I have are the 2015 Kaplan MCAT books. Are these outdated or obsolete? I want to do prepare as best as I can so I'm willing to buy newer books/resources if need be, but I'd prefer not to spend...
  3. M

    MCAT Retake & Advice

    Hi everyone, I wrote the MCAT on 1/19 and I got a devastating 489 (124/120/123/122) and I am looking for some advice/guidance. I plan on applying to primarily D.O. schools. Background: I am a graduating senior this semester and plan to apply this upcoming cycle. I have a cGPA 3.65 and sGPA...
  4. G

    For Sale MCAT Princeton Review Online Course Access - $400

    I am selling access to the online MCAT course by Princeton Review ($1700 value). It expires on November 11/10/2019. The account includes videos, 11 Princeton full-length tests plus practice passages, unlimited access to all the AAMC tests and banks, and more. Does not include books, which can be...
  5. A

    Is my goal MCAT score realistic?

    I just took my first MCAT diagnostic over Christmas break and got a 504. I start seriously prepping in April to take the MCAT end of July. My original goal was 518. Realistically, is that a viable goal? I reviewed my test and my biggest weaknesses were Biochem-related questions (I'm taking...
  6. N

    To Apply With or Without MCAT with Low GPA?

    This is my first time on here, so forgive me for my ignorance. I haven't applied to med school yet but I am hoping to apply next cycle (and anticipate probably not getting in haha). I want to make my application as good as I possibly can and I've laid out my schedule to where I can apply as...
  7. S

    MCAT 2019 registration

    When does registration begin for the MCAT 2019? Thanks!
  8. C

    Advice: 1 vs. 2 gap years?

    Hi all! I just finished my junior year of undergrad, and I'm now having a dilemma regarding whether I should take 1 vs. 2 gap years after graduating in spring 2019. Here's my info (as of June 2018): - 4.00 GPA, Biochemistry major at a state school - 2 years scribing experience with a leadership...
  9. D

    Help with scheduling and mcat

    Hello, I'm planning for my spring classes, but I'm in kind of a dilemma. This is my schedule for Spring 2019 semester before I take the mcat: Spring Semester Spanish organic lab physics II Biochemistry genetics Research I want to take a lighter load to study for the mcat (13 credits), but I...
  10. G

    MCAT Advice

    Hi, I am entering my second semester in my sophomore year (I go to a community college and I will transfer to a 4yr Uni for my junior and senior year). I am wondering a few things regarding the MCAT.... 1) When should I start studying? I plan to take the MCAT in 2019 because I am aiming to...
  11. studentdoctor1325

    What biology classes to take before the new MCAT?

    So I have three more biology classes to take before graduating... I have to choose which (if any) to take before the MCAT and which I should postpone to senior year (as to allow a minimum credit load junior year for extracurricular MCAT prep, like practice tests and the such). I'll be fine in...