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  1. taharahislam

    The Berkely Review MCAT Course

    Has anyone taken the MCAT course at TBR? What was it like? Do you recommend it for someone who needs structure in their studying?
  2. M

    Best MCAT Prep

    So I'm studying to retake the MCAT in January. The first time I took the MCAT I used Kaplan and some AAMC materials. Right now, I'm using Examkrackers and Princeton Review books. I was considering taking an online course, but a lot of people on here are saying it's not worth it. I feel like you...
  3. F

    MCAT Program

    Hi there, I am in need of the best MCAT program. I have done Kaplan and Princeton Review and I am sitting at a solid 492 on my 2nd MCAT. Does anyone have suggestions fo the best program? I need to rase my score at least 15 points. Please help. I am also interested in MCAT tutors. Seriously...
  4. Z

    Managing coursework for TPR MCAT ultimate class ??

    Hello, So I just started the TPR live online ultimate course for the MCAT. I will be taking the MCAT Jan 19 so I have about 3.5 months, but the course lasts for two months. Basically I have been feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of homework and readings that are assigned after each...
  5. Z

    Best in-person MCAT class ??

    I live on the East Coast, and I want to take an in-person MCAT course this fall in time for the January MCAT. I was debating between TPR and Kaplan, but will also consider others. I do need a lot of review for content as I've forgotten a lot of the material from my pre-reqs, as well as guidance...
  6. M

    For Sale 50% OFF KAPLAN Self-paced online MCAT materials

    this course retails on Kaplan for around $2,000. I am willing to negotiate prices!! A comprehensive array of instructional videos covering everything you would learn in any other Kaplan course Over 100 hours of total instruction A total of 8,000+ MCAT practice items, including 14 full-length...
  7. I

    TPR Vs. Kaplan Courses and Books 2016?

    Hey! I want to sign up for an MCAT class, but do not know which company (TPR or Kaplan) to register with. I plan on taking an in-class course and I am looking for books that explain the concepts well (...I'm sure everyone is). I have heard the 2015 TPR books are full of mistakes and are...
  8. NextStepTutor_1

    MCAT The Next Step Method to MCAT Preparation

    Hi everyone! I'd like to use this thread to introduce Next Step Test Prep and myself, as well as provide updates about what we're doing at Next Step to get our students ready for the MCAT. Next Step We are a small company that focuses mainly focus on one-on-one tutoring. Unlike our bigger...