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  1. D

    One month out from test and still not improving

    Hello everyone! Just looking for some advice here... I have been studying for the MCAT since January. I started with the blueprint self pace review but found that I was not retaining the information so I tried content reviewing with Anki which I think helped. My diagnostic score was a 488...
  2. N

    low practice MCAT scores

    I'm scheduled to take the MCAT on 9/19. I have been getting ready this summer by going over content in the Kaplan books and making flashcards for each chapter and book, except the CARS book. Last summer without any prep, I scored a 497 on the free Princeton MCAT test. Today I took the Kaplan...
  3. F

    MCAT Program

    Hi there, I am in need of the best MCAT program. I have done Kaplan and Princeton Review and I am sitting at a solid 492 on my 2nd MCAT. Does anyone have suggestions fo the best program? I need to rase my score at least 15 points. Please help. I am also interested in MCAT tutors. Seriously...
  4. F

    MCAT Study Plan Question!

    Hey y’all! I would love your feedback and advice on this! A few things to note before: - I have a pretty solid science background - test is on July 28th - my goal is 510-514 I have been studying for the MCAT for 1.5 weeks and it’s been going well. I’ve been using tpr and finished 2 books and...
  5. M

    Practice Test Score Drop and Slightly Worried (6/29 Test Date)

    So my practice test scores have been improving on a nice upward trend until NextStep FL 3. This test I got 503 total, 125 C/P, 125 CARS (v unusual for me), 126 Bio, and 127 Psych/Soc. I have posted a pic of my other scores. I am hoping that this is just a hard test and was a fluke and that...
  6. Y

    Opinions on my MCAT study plan?

    Hey guys, I need some constructive criticism on my MCAT study plan if anyone would be kind enough to assist me. I am taking a TPR course this summer and reviewing content fully. I will be studying and taking practice exams and doing practice problems from early May until mid August, and am...
  7. J

    Looking for MCAT study partner(s) in South Florida- Delray/Boca/*Coral Springs*/Fort Lauderdale Area

    Tulane 2016 graduate with a BS and 3.64 GPA. Been studying for 2 years now (on and off), scoring around 50th percentile composite. Goal score is 510+. Looking to start a study group that wants to meet at local library or a University library in the listed areas. Planning to study long hours 8-10...
  8. MCAT Self Prep

    99th+ Percentile MCAT Tutoring, $49 Per Session, Proven Results

    Best Prep for the Best Price MCAT Self Prep only hires tutors that scored in the 97th percentile or higher on the new MCAT with most of our tutors having scores in the 99th percentile or higher. While many prep companies are willing to hire anyone who did somewhat decent on the exam, MCAT Self...
  9. M

    Khan Academy videos over reading?

    I'm struggling to get through the readings in the review books (ExamKrackers) since it's boring. Also I find I do not learn as well from just reading and do better if it is taught outloud in a lecture. I know Khan Academy offers MCAT review videos and was wondering if just watching those and...
  10. P

    Kaplan MCAT General Chem - Concept Check 6.1

    Hey guys, I had a question about a problem in Chapter 6 of the General Chem Kaplan book, concept check 6.1, question #1. Given: Q = 5.0 x 10^-2 Keq = 5.0 x 10^-3 The question then asks what the sign of the free energy change (delta G) would be. My logic was that since the Q > Keq, the...
  11. K

    LOW MCAT diagnostic NextStep

    Hi everyone. I'm extremely concerned about the MCAT. My test date is in May and I just took the NextStep half length diagnostic exam. My score was a so low, my stomach dropped and I about passed out. It was 482. My goal is a 511 at least on the actual exam. Is there any hope? Should I just...
  12. M

    Should I reschedule the MCAT?

    I planed on studying during the semester but I underestimated my courseload. I have currently completed reading EK Chemistry book and should have physics completed by tomorrow. Would it be possible to be prepared for my January 19th test date? Otherwise I’m going to reschedule it to the end of...
  13. ArdentMed

    Professional MCAT and DAT Tutoring - 2 Spots Left - 5+ Years

    How I can help you succeed: I am a Canadian med school student with multiple acceptances to medical and dental schools including the University of British Columbia and Manitoba. I have also interviewed at American schools including New York Medical College and St. Louis. I know what it is...
  14. lovinlife7

    Medical Admissions Tutor

    Hey everyone, I am a current medical student and an admissions consultant. I have worked with students for the past three years with great success at getting people in. I have applied twice, taken my MCAT three times, interviewed at 10 schools (MD and DO) and received acceptances at 5 schools...
  15. G

    Is it a good idea?

    Is it a good idea to take the MCAT even though I haven't taken physics, biochem, and soc yet? Which prep books are the best to buy that teaches these 3 subjects very well to get a good enough score on the MCAT since I haven't even take those 3 classes yet?
  16. D

    MCAT Prep

    For anyone that used the Princeton Review Prep books, what's your opinion on them? I'm currently using them and the online resources but I feel the online exams are on the easier side. Does anyone else feel this way? (This will be my second time taking the MCAT so I don't want to be wasting my...