mcat prep 2016

  1. B

    For Sale: TPR Hyperlearning Complete MCAT 2017 Class Prep Set

    Princeton Review Hyperlearning Materials for 2017 MCAT Prep Class for Sale: $100 for complete set. Never used, completely new!
  2. J

    What MCAT prep materials did you use? Recommend or nah

    Hey, I'm trying to wrap my head around how to prep for the MCAT. From what I gather so far, EK is really good for concise review and Kaplan is more detailed, but provides more practice questions (is this correct?). I think I'll end up settling for one of the two. Also, is it correct to assume...
  3. JaxMD2be

    Leah4Sci - Has anyone used her MCAT prep program?

    Hi, I am looking for reviews or references for the program run by Leah at Leah4Sci.com. She gives a TON of free resources that I find very helpful as she has a way of breaking down topics that is clear and easy to follow. I took the MCAT this past October and scored below average :( In...
  4. A

    Best course plan to prepare for MCAT?

    I'm sure a similar question has been asked before, but I have taken the pre-reqs out of the usual order because of my major. Here are the classes I've taken so far (I just finished my first semester as freshman): Calc II Phys I Chm I Eng and Comp I Where should I go from here in terms of...
  5. M

    Suggestions on ways to get MCAT practice exams

    Hello, I will be taking the MCAT in August. Is there any way I can get a hold of a lot of tests? Like a bulk of some kind. I already bought the two AAMC full length practice exams and I also got the Princeton Review coursework book that comes with 3 practice exams and I would like more for...
  6. WhatsupDoc23


    I have a variety of MCAT books for sale in good-excellent condition. I prefer to sell in sets but willing to sell Examkrackers individually. Prices do NOT include shipping. Will ship anywhere in USA. May be willing to negotiate prices. NEXT STEP PREP 2015(Best MCAT prep book): General...
  7. R

    For Sale MCAT Books (M'sia/S'pore/nearby)

    Hello all, I recently (2 months ago) ordered the 9th Edition Examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Package (EXAMKRACKERS MCAT MANUALS) through Amazon and would now like to sell them cause I've decided to take a different path. The books are like brand new, in their original box cover. Only have...
  8. G

    Is it a good idea?

    Is it a good idea to take the MCAT even though I haven't taken physics, biochem, and soc yet? Which prep books are the best to buy that teaches these 3 subjects very well to get a good enough score on the MCAT since I haven't even take those 3 classes yet?
  9. Asclepius293

    1 Month left till MCAT! Prep Plan?

    Hey SDN family, For the last 3 months, I've been enrolled in a Kaplan course and have been doing light review. I am currently at the one month mark with my MCAT scheduled for May 20. Here is my plan for the home stretch. Week 1: Do 2 full lengths and do a final review of the...
  10. meg_2020rwj

    MCAT Tutorials and Daily Questions by Draw it to Know it

    We will be posting MCAT questions daily. This is a good resource for pre-medical classes and specifically for the MCAT.