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  1. B

    507 MCAT score with 3.75 GPA, TX, what should I do?

    Hi All, Need advice, what should I do? I am in UT 3rd yr with biology, got 507 score in Jan 2019 test. cGPA - 3.75 sGPA - 3.7 I am scared if I don't get admission in any med school in TX in this cycle, I will have to go for gap year route. I have a decent research experience and clinical...
  2. walrus99


    Hi everyone! I'm a little less than a month away from my exam and I just finished next step 3 today.. I had a very depressing drop in my scores. NS1: 509 127 Chem/Phys 126 CARS 128 Bio 128 Psych/Soc NS2: 510 128 Chem/Phys 126 CARS 128 Bio 128 Psych/Soc NS3: 506 126 Chem/Phys 125 CARS 127 Bio...
  3. 9

    MD Chances and Any School Suggestions

    I just got my MCAT score back so I will repost my previous thread with my score if anyone wants to help. I am greatly interested in a research focused program given my extensive research experience in undergrad, so if you have any suggestions please do share :) GPA: 3.95 (One non A class in...
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    Hello everyone, I just found one thread asking about this and it was years ago. I know it usually says its before 5:00 pm that the score gets released, but, from experience, when did your guys' scores come out in the day? Also, on aamc everyone sees " no mcat scores available at this time"? I...
  5. psyflgirl

    MD & DO cGPA 3.7 sGPA 3.2 Chances?

    cGPA 3.7 sGPA 3.2 MCAT score: pending (Please see question at the end of this post) Fl resident 24 y/o Female, White Hispanic, English as a second language. Born and raised(up to age 16) in a rural area in Cuba. (US citizen) Languages: English/Spanish and some basic Portuguese Employed...
  6. mrectenw

    511 MCAT, 3.6 GPA, Notre Dame Graduate

  7. c_t_a_95

    Average MCAT scores for DO schools?

    Does anyone know of a website or something like MSAR that has the average mcat scores for all of the DO schools? I see a lot of things with old mcat scores but I cant find much for the new scoring system.
  8. D

    Predict your MCAT score using Kaplan practice exams

    Instead of studying, I procrastinated and made an predictive model for predicting your MCAT score using Kaplan test scores, based on previous test taker data (source provided in app). My R shiny skills are crap, so the app is pretty basic. I'm new so I'm jerry-rigging the URL to bypass the...
  9. MCAT Self Prep

    MCAT How Rebecca Improved Her MCAT Score From a 507 to a 515 in Just Two Months!

    After taking the MCAT for the first time in 2016, Rebecca wasn’t super thrilled about her score. She wanted a score that would wow the top-25 medical schools she was aiming for. Near the end of January 2017, she decided to give it another try. Not wanting to spend the thousands of dollars...
  10. MCAT Self Prep

    MCAT How Jordan Improved His MCAT Score from a 498 to a 516 in Just 3 Months!

    When Jordan first started studying for the MCAT, he was unsure of where to start. He didn’t want to pay for a pricey prep course, but he was also struggling to figure out which materials would be the best ones for him to use and how to make a great study plan. After struggling to figure this out...
  11. LindaAccepted

    Medical What MCAT Score Do You Need to Get into Medical School?

    You’ve spent months in an MCAT review course, taken practice test after practice test, and finally sat for the exam. Your results are in. Are they good enough to get you into your target medical school? Let’s take a look at what your scores mean. The Difference between the MCAT and Your Grades...
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  13. H

    New MCAT score was released, but I already submitted secondaries

    Hi! I am new to SDN. I received my new MCAT score yesterday. I applied this cycle with my old MCAT score, and I added the "addl MCAT intent date" on my AMCAS application. I took the MCAT in August, and I submitted secondaries in late July and in August. Do I need to contact each school that I...
  14. mcat prep

    MCAT Test Prep Week: Ask me anything about how to prep for the MCAT

    Hello students! Ask us anything! How do you even begin studying for the MCAT? Where can you find the best MCAT prep? What can you do to prepare for the CARS section? What are some test-taking strategies? Taking the MCAT is incredibly challenging and a bit daunting, but we are here to help! Ask...
  15. LindaAccepted

    Medical 4 Things Your MCAT Score Says About You

    Why are standardized tests so important? Do they really reflect your abilities or capabilities? Do they really test what you need to know in order to become a physician? According to most medical school admissions committees, the answer is a resounding YES. How you perform on your MCAT says a...
  16. E

    507 MCAT, 3.7 GPA, African American

    Hi all, This is my first post so bear with me! I scored a 507 on my MCAT, but only studied for 4 weeks and believe I can do better but not in time for the next application cycle. I have a 3.78 GPA with a double major in Math and Neuroscience and have opted to take a good number my classes at...
  17. MCAT Self Prep

    MCAT MCAT Tip: What MCAT Score Do I Need?

    How important is getting a high MCAT score? The MCAT is the only consistent academic measure available to admissions committees. For this reason, the MCAT is more important than your GPA. It would be wise to making getting a top MCAT score a high priority. Many medical schools screen...
  18. R

    MD Late application for 2017-2018 vs. 2018-2019 cycle

    Hi, I will be graduating this upcoming June and am deciding whether to apply for the 2017-2018 or 2018-2019 cycle. I won't be taking my MCAT until September 10th and therefore won't receive my score until a month after. Do you think it reduces my chances to apply the 2017-2018 cycle but submit...
  19. L

    When to take the MCAT?

    Hey guys! I'm currently a sophomore in college and had some doubts on when to take the MCAT. My pre-health adviser told me to start studying over winter break my junior year, then take an intensive course (i.e Kaplan or Princeton) over summer break and take it in July/August. She failed to...
  20. J

    Chances and where to apply for 2017?

    Hi. I just got my MCAT back and am now nervous about my chances and unsure of where to apply. Can you please give me some input on my MCAT score as well as schools that would fit my good GPA but relatively low MCAT? GPA: 3.88 sGPA: 3.8 MCAT: 505 (126, 127, 126, 126) CA resident with...
  21. theNDhopeful44

    AAMC Scored vs. Unscored Test

    For those who've taken both- how do they compare? If you do well on one, do you typically do well on the other? I received a 76% overall on the sample (76/74/68/85) and I'm aiming for a 510+ on test day. How does the scored test compare? FWIW, here are my Kaplan FL scores: FL 1: 499 FL 2: 497...
  22. eeeeagle!!

    School Specific MCAT Cut Off ***For each sub-section***

    Hello all, Does anyone know of any specific osteopathic school cut off values for the sections of the MCAT? As an example, would school "X" disqualify any applicant with an MCAT section score less than 125 for the new MCAT? Thanks
  23. H

    Charts predicting MCAT Scores

    Hoping this would calm the nerves of some people, me included. :D I made an extensive analysis of the actual final MCAT scores. I work as an accountant and I need to see numbers. The link to the spreadsheet that I got the information from can be found here as well as the form to add more...
  24. E

    Please help, Where should I apply? (First time post)

    Dear Studentdoctor peers, I am a longtime lurker, but an inactive participant. I have searched other threads, but wasn't able to find an answer specific to my interests. Here are my stats MCAT retake: 504 GPA: 3.7 NY resident A lot of awesom ECs and one publication. I can list a few if it's...