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Apr 1, 2018
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Hi everyone!

I'm a little less than a month away from my exam and I just finished next step 3 today.. I had a very depressing drop in my scores.

NS1: 509
127 Chem/Phys
126 CARS
128 Bio
128 Psych/Soc

NS2: 510
128 Chem/Phys
126 CARS
128 Bio
128 Psych/Soc

NS3: 506
126 Chem/Phys
125 CARS
127 Bio
128 Psych/Soc

I'm not kidding im sitting infront of my computer crying right now. I've been studying like a madman the past two months. Now my studying is around 12+ hours a day since I'm less than a month out. The fact that none of it seems to be translating is making me so depressed. Is having a 4 point drop normal? My goal is to score 515 minimum on the actual exam, and now I seems like its just a fantasy..
I havent started ANY of the AAMC material yet, I'll be getting to that in a couple days. Has anybody had scores similar to me and done better on the actually MCAT? I honestly don't do much else than study I'm working so damn hard for this stupid test and I feel INCREDIBLY deflated right now.

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Odds are your AAMC FLs will be higher than your next step scores. My advice would be to transition to AAMC material now, you only have a few weeks left to review it and it is arguably the best material to prepare you for the actual exam. Review your NS tests, find out what you did wrong, and bust out the AAMC material, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at your scores