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  1. lkaiy19

    McGill med international waitlist odds

    does anyone know the waitlist odds for McGill med? I am applying through the international stream. There are only 2 seats per year for internationals and I am #1 on the waitlist. How optimistic is this? any insights would be appreciated!!
  2. YLA

    CWRU vs McGill

    I know this may be slightly outside many people's area of expertise, but this is a decision I must make. I welcome all those who do have an opinion to help me out if they like. Thanks! NOTE: I am a citizen of both the US and Canada. CWRU Pros: Top 25 US MD school Excellent match list...
  3. letsgetdowntobuisness

    Where to start with McGill?

    Hey all! New member here, so I apologize ahead of time if I'm going about asking this incorrectly/in the wrong place. McGill is currently a dream school for me: perfect location, internationally renowned program, Francophone culture, etc... But as a U.S. citizen coming up on my junior year at a...
  4. B

    Canada Rotations - Liability Insurance for international students AFMC

    Hello, I've only found very old posts about Liability Insurance. I am applying for a McGill's medical electives, but I need the LI to complete the process. Anyone has any tip/company/wheretolook about how to get that? Other then 'look in your university'- i've already done that. I am kind of...
  5. R


  6. DrChef94

    McGill friendly US med schools

  7. Y

    Deciding to go after med, but do not know how to get there.

    Hello guys. I am a former university student form Concordia university and I was the absolute worst. My owrk ethic went down to the point where I have been kicked out of the university for three years. Since then (it has been a year since) and went back into cegep, only to do much better...
  8. F

    McGill v. UCLA v. Tufts for Pre-Med

    Hey Everyone, Here goes my first post on SDN! Just as a little background about myself: I'm a US resident from the Northeast/New England area and I'm hoping to end up at a medical school in the states. As the title suggests, I'm currently making my decision about where to go for pre-med and I...
  9. B

    American Student Taking Premed In Canada

    Hi guys I am currently a high school sophomore in NJ. I know its is a bit early, but I would feel more secure knowing if what I plan on doing is actually possible. I love Canada and always wanted to study at school such as McGill in Montreal. A good amount of my family who lives in CA...