1. medshousing

    Renting Montreal, Quebec, Canada *McGill* Furnished Beautiful charming space ideal for Fellow or resident with small family

    As posted on Listing # 2212 *ask for medical housing discount* *Md Landlord* Lower unit in a beautiful Tudor duplex. Tastefully renovated bathroom and kitchen with heated flooring and luxury finishes. Dishwasher, range hood oven and fridge included. Large master bedroom with...
  2. F

    AMA: D1 at McGill University

    Hey everyone! I’m a D1 at McGill University in Canada. I’ve been blessed by so many people’s help & advice on forums that I have been on, and I wish to do the same for pre-dental students. I know that this forum is mostly dedicated for U.S schools, but just by the off chance that some of you...
  3. lkaiy19

    McGill med international waitlist odds

    does anyone know the waitlist odds for McGill med? I am applying through the international stream. There are only 2 seats per year for internationals and I am #1 on the waitlist. How optimistic is this? any insights would be appreciated!!

    CWRU vs McGill

    I know this may be slightly outside many people's area of expertise, but this is a decision I must make. I welcome all those who do have an opinion to help me out if they like. Thanks! NOTE: I am a citizen of both the US and Canada. CWRU Pros: Top 25 US MD school Excellent match list...
  5. L

    Where to start with McGill?

    Hey all! New member here, so I apologize ahead of time if I'm going about asking this incorrectly/in the wrong place. McGill is currently a dream school for me: perfect location, internationally renowned program, Francophone culture, etc... But as a U.S. citizen coming up on my junior year at a...
  6. B

    Canada Rotations - Liability Insurance for international students AFMC

    Hello, I've only found very old posts about Liability Insurance. I am applying for a McGill's medical electives, but I need the LI to complete the process. Anyone has any tip/company/wheretolook about how to get that? Other then 'look in your university'- i've already done that. I am kind of...
  7. R


  8. DrChef94

    McGill friendly US med schools

  9. Y

    Deciding to go after med, but do not know how to get there.

    Hello guys. I am a former university student form Concordia university and I was the absolute worst. My owrk ethic went down to the point where I have been kicked out of the university for three years. Since then (it has been a year since) and went back into cegep, only to do much better...
  10. F

    McGill v. UCLA v. Tufts for Pre-Med

    Hey Everyone, Here goes my first post on SDN! Just as a little background about myself: I'm a US resident from the Northeast/New England area and I'm hoping to end up at a medical school in the states. As the title suggests, I'm currently making my decision about where to go for pre-med and I...
  11. P

    American Student Taking Premed In Canada

    Hi guys I am currently a high school sophomore in NJ. I know its is a bit early, but I would feel more secure knowing if what I plan on doing is actually possible. I love Canada and always wanted to study at school such as McGill in Montreal. A good amount of my family who lives in CA...