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    Applying both MD and MD/PhD?

    just curious as to how many applicants apply to both. Also, what kind of research productivity do MD/PhD programs look for? I’m a while from applying but just curious. Have any of you done this before? How is it being in the program?
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    What's the hardest class you have ever taken in college?

    This is to all the premeds, med students and adcoms. I'm curious what everyone's most difficult class in college was? Which class caused you to study the most, and really REALLY made it difficult for you to do well? For me, I'd personally say it was Organic chemistry I. I just couldn't think...
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    LOR Question?

    Hello all, I have a question about LORs. My only question is, on average how many LORs are sufficient? I looked at many of the schools that I am interested in, and I am leaning towards 3-4 LORs from science professors, and 2 nonscience. There are two professors (Gen Chem I and Gen Chem II)...
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    How to get it?

    So I’m having some trouble getting the full A in Bio courses. I’ll either get an A- or a B+. But was wondering how to really get that A? How do all of you do it? I average low A’s and high B's on the exams and do decently well overall in the coursework, but I always come up short with an A- or a...
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    EMT Certification ?

    I want to pursue an EMT certification. I was looking at some online. I found one at "RC Health Services". I was wondering if you guys found this to be legit? I find it to be very interesting. It is done online but could it be fraudulent? What do y'all think? Has anyone ever done this before...
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    Genetics as a prerequisite for MD school?

    Just wondering if any of you have seen Genetics as a prerequisite for MD schools? I did some research and it looks like it depends on the school so would it be a good idea to take it anyway? I don't have to decide this now, as I will probably be taking Genetics next Fall. Any advice or input...
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    What was the strangest interview question you got?

    Just curious. What did the interviewer ask you that was completely random and caught you off guard? Did you end up getting accepted to that institution?!
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    Tips on Moving Forward after Bad Semester?

    So I went through a lot of **** this semester. Grandfather fell sick, passed away and I'm having trouble staying motivated. The cGPA is about a 3.80 right now, I'm not ridiculously failing but I'm not doing well either. Really upset with my progress because this was such an important semester...
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    Alzheimer's Association?

    So I don't know if any of you are aware but there's an Alzheimer's association and I got an interview to volunteer there. Now I'll basically be a "coordinator" telling people about Alzheimer's and helping out with support groups. I don't think I'll really be interacting with Alzheimer's patients...
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    W to B?

    I was wondering how it would look if someone took a W over the summer and ended up getting a B when retaking the course in the Fall? How would that be? Is it necessary to get An A after a W?