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  1. C

    3.3 GPA, 500 MCAT, no extracurriculars/letters of rec

    I've been suffering from OCD and major depression for six years. They've been making it difficult to feel motivated or do much. I've been getting lots of help, from antidepressants and therapy to ECT and TMS. But honestly, nothing has really worked. I still want to get into medicine. But my...
  2. 444zane3

    Which secondaries don’t ask about misdemeanors and/or criminal records?

    Hi all, I have a retail fraud misdemeanor from high school that will be expunged so I don’t have to report in primary. I’m wondering which schools’ secondaries don’t ask about criminal histories and misdemeanors. Mainly I’m trying to narrow down my school list. I’ll still apply to schools that...
  3. D

    2018-2019 Waitlist Support Thread

    I saw that a waitlist thread hasn't been made for this cycle, so I took the liberty of making one:happy:
  4. S

    Did not get into medical school, now what? Any tips?

    Kind of lost right now and anybodies tips or advice would help Long story short I finished my undergrad with all required prerequisite courses and ended up getting really low GPA. I didn't even do my MCAT exam because I already know my GPA was not good enough for Canadian or USA medical schools...
  5. C

    UAB Medical Science Post Bac Non Thesis

    I recently gained acceptance into the medical sciences post bac program at UAB which also has a medical school as well as some other programs. I wanted to know what to expect from there program as far as to course work and load, and does it offers the best resource tools and faculty experience...
  6. alda1921


    Hi all, I have received a diploma in BS Biology in the December of 2017, and I'm taking the MCAT on 5th of May. I'm planning to apply this cycle, and I would like to know how do medical school look at the prerequisites. The main reason is because I've transferred 2 classes (8 credits of...
  7. thinking123

    Exclusive Webinar on Preparing Secondary Applications for Medical School - 10/25 5PM/ 8PM EST

  8. L

    cGPA: 3.72/ sGPA: 3.72/ MCAT: 508, what schools to apply to?

    Resume: Year in school: 3rd year Human Biology B.S., UCSC ORM: Asian Female Country/state of residence: CA cGPA:3.72/sGPA:3.72 MCAT Scores: 508 (125/127/128/128) Research – 2 year in Alzheimer’s/Genetics/Drosophila Lab (350+ Hours). 1 poster at school symposium (Primary author), 1 poster at...
  9. M

    Bad dual enrollment grades?

    So I am currently a senior and senioritis has struck me. I took dual enrollment classes for english and recieved a B in both semesters and took Commercial photo for dual enrollment and received a C in both semesters. All together these classes were 9 credit hours. I am planning on going to...
  10. C

    Is it okay to claim AP lab credit for chemistry?

    Hi everyone so I was just wondering if its okay to claim AP lab credit for chemistry (I am taking the actual general chemistry courses). I'm from Texas and from looking at the Texas medical schools prerequisites, they do accept AP credit. However, when I ask my advisers if I should claim credit...
  11. Asclepius293

    Best out of State "Reach" Schools? 3.8cGPA 511 MCAT

    Hey all! Currently applying and trying to create a list of out of state "reach" schools to apply for. I've bought MSAR and am going through that but am curious as to what the SDN community thinks of my stats and where I might have a good shot. Michigan resident, applied for all in-state...
  12. B

    Medical Schools that I can apply to now?

    Hello everyone, I am a bit worried about my chances in getting into medical school this cycle, since I am getting alot of rejections and no interviews yet. I applied to ~35 schools Are there any medical schools that I can apply to right now? I am a bit down about this entire application...
  13. W

    MD & DO Possible Medical School List

    Hey everybody. I was wondering if anybody could help me start a list of possible medical schools (MD or DO) with the stats I have now. I realize there is some information missing but any help would be appreciated. Any advice for me such as possible extracurricular or other would be appreciated...