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medschool application

  1. P

    Should I take a summer job as a phlebotomist?

    An urgent care in my hometown is in search of someone short term (2 month period) for a phlebotomy position. My home state doesn't require certification for phlebotomy, and the job description says no experience required and they provide training. I want clinical experience and I feel as if this...
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  3. Z

    Application timeline questions- Am I on track?

    Application timeline questions- Am I on track?
  4. A

    MPH candidate

    Hi everyone!
  5. M


  6. B

    When it comes to Pre-Med workshops is there any place you can list them on your application?

    Or is that something you should bring up during an interview? I attended two Pre-med workshops at two medical schools and we went over suturing, cadaver lab, and etc. However I dont think that goes anywhere on your application (especially if I attended a suturing clinic separately from these...
  7. stratosphere

    LOR from DO if applying to MD schools

    Hi all! I know that if someone is applying to DO schools it is recommended that they get a letter of rec from a DO. I was wondering if I am applying to only MD schools, is it preferred to get a LOR from an MD that I scribe for or is it okay if I get it from a DO? Thanks!
  8. T

    What are my chances for med school?

    3.95 gpa Neuroscience and Molecular and Cell biology major at University of Arizona. 508 on MCAT 126 c/p 127 cars 128 bio/biochem 127 psych soc I also am a texas resident and my dad went to Tulane for med school, so I get an interview. Should I retake the mcat? thoughts?
  9. M

    MCAT Spring 2018

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to create a feed for those of us who are/will be preparing to take their MCAT in Spring of 2018. I was hoping we could possibly exchange ideas on study plans, materials that will be used to study, etc.
  10. kaymellow

    Pending publication(s)..how to tell PI to hurry???

    Soooo I'll be an author of two publications, both of which my PI says are "in the works" but have yet to be submitted.... I am applying this cycle with SUPER BORDERLINE stats and pretty good ECs and would LOVEEE to be able to add at least one publication as an update during this cycle.. How do I...
  11. S

    Undergrad Independent Research for Application

    Hey SDN, I have some questions for you all about some of the research I've done. Throughout my undergrad, I took two research classes through my university that took me abroad to do my own field research in ecology (double major in ecology&evolutionary bio, and neuroscience). The first...