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    Program-Specific Info / Q's MGH 2020 ADMISSIONS

    Hey guys! I interviewed at MGH on 12/7, and just got a confusing email from them. I know in previous years, people got an admissions decision about two weeks after the interview, but today I was sent an email that thanked me for coming, and said that admissions decisions would be sent via OTCAS...
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    Has anyone heard back from MGHIHP? I know they only do interviews for early decision applicants, but they hold an invitational open house in December for regular decision applicants. I'm still waiting to hear back and was wondering if anyone else heard anything. Thanks and best of luck! :)
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    MGH IHP vs. Boston University

    I'm currently deciding between MGH and BU and I wanted to see if there were any current DPT students at either school that would be willing to share their experiences. Any feedback is appreciated, both positive and negative. Specifically for MGH I would be interested to know what people's...
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    MGHIHP v. Simmons

    I was recently accepted to both Simmons and MGHIHP. MGH has been my first choice school from day one. I recently lived in Charlestown and loved it, their program pass rates look great, the school ranking is high (even though it doesn't seem to mean a whole lot), and I really enjoyed the open...
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    MGHIHP Decisions

    Hey Guys, I just received an e-mail offering me admission to MGH for the summer 2018 class! I know during the open house they mentioned scholarships and I wasn't expecting to receive one, but was wondering if that would have been in my acceptance e-mail or if I should expect it at a later...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's MGHIHP vs Thomas Jefferson

    Hi everyone! I've been fortunate enough to have been offered admission to both MGHIHP and Thomas Jefferson for their entry-level OTD programs :) I'm having trouble deciding between the two though, and was wondering if anyone might have any input! MGHIHP Recently accredited for EL-OTD...
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    MGH IHP decisions

    Hey all, I'm currently on the waitlist at MGH IHP and received the same email it seems all applicants on the waitlist got about the class still being full. Since the deposit deadline has passed and those on the waitlist were asked to declare if they wanted to stay on or wanted to be taken...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Boston University vs. MGH IHP OTD

    Hello! I am lucky enough to have been accepted to the OTD programs at both Boston University (BU) and Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions (MGHIHP). I was wondering if anyone (current students or otherwise) could offer any opinions/advice on how to choose which...