1. melsinge

    Missouri VS Illinois - Last minute OOS waitlist acceptance!

    Hello! I have found myself in a sticky situation. I was OOS accepted to Illinois right after my interview and was waitlisted at Missouri. I just was pulled off the OOS waitlist at Missouri due to a last minute drop out. Here’s where it gets sticky for me. Missouri is roughly $80,000 cheaper for...
  2. medflava

    Psychiatry Residency Interviews in Missouri

    Hi guys, Can you tell me if you had any Psychiatry residency interviews in Missouri? If so can you let me know how it went? These are the programs I can think of? 1. Washington University/B-JH/SLCH Consortium Program 2. St Louis University School of Medicine Program 3. Kansas City University...
  3. G

    Help With School List (MO resident)

    Hi everybody, I've been reading the forums here for almost two years now, but this is my first official post. I need some advice/help creating a school list. I'm looking to add about 6 more schools to my list, and hoping to apply to about 15. If you have any insight on what programs I should or...
  4. N

    Current job market in Alabama and Missouri?

    Does anyone happen to know how tough it is to find a pharmacist job in these two states?
  5. P

    Post Bacc - Tufts or Wash U

    I'm trying to decide between the Tufts Pre-Med Post Bacc and the University College Wash U St.Louis Post Bacc programs. Does anyone have personal experience with either of these programs or advice for choosing between programs in general?
  6. H

    MHA - Accepted into program, not the university?

    Greetings, So I recently found out I was accepted into an MHA program. In the acceptance letter they stated that once I officially accepted I would have to send my official transcripts and wait to be accepted into the university...Is it possible for me to be accepted into the program but then...
  7. missmissouri

    Mizzou's Bryant Scholar Program

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking about applying to this because I meet all requirements, and Mizzou would be my #1 pick for medical school. They accept 15 people of each class as a part of this program. I'm not sure how competitive it is because I don't know anyone else at my university who is...
  8. P

    3rd/4th Year Clinical Rotation Help!

    Has anyone done 3rd/4th year clinical rotations at either Poplar Bluff, Mo or Searcy, Ar and what was your experience?
  9. M

    A.T. Still University @ Missouri Campus

    Hey guys, Just curious what you all have heard about the A.T. Still University School Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health program. I know it is fairly new, so I wasn't sure if anyone had anything good or bad to say. Thanks!
  10. RogueBanana

    No Residency? No Problem!

    New bill in Missouri house aims to let medical graduates that failed to get a residency practice primary care in underserved areas as fully licensed "Assistant Physicians" As long as the candidate has graduated medical school and passed step I & II they can practice primary care in underserved...
  11. L

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Missouri State

    Did anyone else get into Missouri state? I just put my deposit down the other day. I was wanting to meet my other cohorts if I can so maybe we can be roomies and also just to say hi! Also, if you are currently in the program, what can I expect? I am so nervous but so excited. I am from Arkansas...
  12. M

    Missouri State Interview

    Anyone else get an interview offer from Missouri State? I have accepted an offer for 9/17. If anyone has applied/interviewed there before... How was the interview process? How many do they interview?
  13. NeonMountaineer

    Is Missouri a good vet school?

    I know there aren't very many vet schools in the US, and I can imagine any vet school good enough to get accredited can be considered a good choice, but I was looking at Missouri, and its website didn't seem to have very much information on it at all. I know it's not a good idea to make a...
  14. C

    Nova Southeastern vs University of Missouri - Kansas City

    I've been accepted to both UMKC and Nova Southeastern University. Would love to hear some pros/cons from students that have attended either school. I would especially like to hear from some D3s and D4s from Nova. How do you feel about the clinical experience there? What are the requirements...
  15. P

    Missouri MPJE

    Hi, I am a pharmacist in PA, NJ and DE and I am searching for ANYONE who has any information regarding the Missouri MPJE. Advice, specific books, CDs/DVDs to purchase or if available to be sold to me by other members (of course only current reference resources). For those of you who took the...
  16. oklahomasooner

    Optometry laws per state?

    How can I find which states permits Optometrists do perform minor surgeries? I have been invited to interview in NSU (Oklahoma) and UMSL (St. Louis, Missouri). I know Oklahoma has the most progressive optometry laws, however, I have no idea about UMSL. Would I be able to perform minor...