new school

  1. D

    Significance of founding year of school on matching primary care?

  2. A

    New School SHSUCOM

    Any word on when/if this school will be up to apply for through TMDSAS? I have not heard much about the school as of late.
  3. I

    My school lost its accreditation

    Hey, so my caribbean medical school recently lost its ECFMG sponsor notes and has not been able to receive them. The owner of my school decided to start another medical school and is trying to get sponsor notes at that one (hopefully this March/April). Would it be a better option for me to go...
  4. J

    Marshall B. Ketchum College of Pharmacy Class of 2022

    What are everyones thoughts on this school, Marshall B Ketchum? Good? Bad? It's still new and plans on being accredited in 2020 and candidate status this summer. They have an accredited optometry and PA school.
  5. J

    New Pharmacy Schools in California

    Hello everyone, what is everyones' thoughts on attending a new pharmacy school in California (Pre-candidate, candidate)?? pros and cons? I ultimately want to practice in California for clinical/residency.
  6. AntsInMyEyes_Johnson

    Anyone have any information on Carle Illinois COM?

    I just saw a post on r/premed about Carle Illinois COM. Any idea what this is all about? They don't offer too much information on their website, so maybe someone heard some rumors as to when they'll start taking applicants, or if they'll have specific course requirements since it's supposed to...
  7. L

    New 2017 Schools

    Wondering what the new DO schools are for the June 2017 cycle application
  8. L

    New 2017 Schools

    Wondering what the new MD schools are for the June 2017 cycle application
  9. goilers

    Seton Hall Opening?

    Does anyone know anything about Seton Hall's Med school to be? I've heard 2018,so would that make their first application acceptances start this upcoming cycle, or acceptances starting in 2018? Just curious because it seems like a cool opportunity, in a unique area. I've tried to search both...
  10. M

    Rocky Vista College of Osteopathic Medicine Utah (RVUCOM-SU) 2016-2017

    I thought it might be nice to have a thread specifically for the Utah Campus. Please post your opinions, concerns, or excitement about interviewing or matriculating to RVUCOM-SU. Hopefully some discussion between us all about the campus will help us think clearly about the pro's and con's of...
  11. Alienman52

    Prioritizing Newer Campus = Higher Chance for Acceptance?

    Hi All, Quick question. I know that people with lower stats have higher chances of being accepted to newer schools, but how about older schools with newer campuses? For example, if I prioritized NY-COM's new Arkansas Campus over the Westbury Campus, would I have a better shot at acceptance...
  12. Pharmd = Phake Doctor

    Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy - "THE PHARMACIST IS LYNCHPIN"

    I decided to chill yesterday night, so I browsed the websites of the new schools set to open and further ruin this once noble profession. One of these schools caught my attention with this video: Watching this video was the most painful two-minutes of my life.:barf: The college president (who...
  13. 7

    new pharmacy schools

    I go to a new pharmacy school. It's terrible. The rampant cheating and the inexperienced, defensive faculty are just too much. The student applicants were mediocre to begin with, so the curriculum is not working. People fail out. People have to repeat years. In hindsight, I would advise...
  14. E

    MA/MS New School, Teachers College. Anyone have info?

    Hi all, I was accepted to New School and think the program, research and faculty are great. I have to let them know by this Friday and put down the (non-refundable) deposit. I was also accepted (on Monday) to Teachers College MA program, which I am not as familiar with but trying to pick up...