1. DoctoOcto

    Thoughts on this food donation delivery activity as a main source of non-clinical volunteering?

    I've been volunteering as a "Food Rescue Hero" since 2020 (albeit a 6-7 month break because of a clinical job). It's a food donation delivery gig. I use my own car to drive to food donation sites (grocery stores, restaurants, etc.), and then drive to drop-off centers, which vary from women's...
  2. DoctoOcto

    Child Care Volunteer for Hospice Office Staff (Due to COVID) - Nonclinical?

    I'm going to start volunteering to provide some child care for a hospice office staff, since it's difficult to find affordable day care during the pandemic. Is this something I can count under nonclinical volunteering, along with other activities like food bank? I'd still do it even if it...
  3. N

    Virtual volunteering during pandemic- does it count?

    I am obtaining non-clinical volunteer hours for a non profit organization that provides aid to the less fortunate affected by natural disasters worldwide. However, I began volunteering a month ago and I am a social media advocate so it is entirely virtual. I am wondering if even after the...
  4. Flipflops0619

    EC for freshman? Overall concerns?

    Hello I’m a freshman, and so far classes are manageable. This year I have done nothing except for studying and getting one research position which is humanity related so I’m not entirely sure if that helps but I’m really interested in it. But, I’m getting little worried about my volunteering...
  5. P

    extracurricular hours

    Hi everyone! just wondering, what is considered the base amount of hours of experience shadowing, volunteering (both clinical/nonclinical), research, and paid clinical work? I am under the impression around: shadowing: 60 hrs clinical vol: 200 hrs nonclin vol: 150 hrs research: not "required"...
  6. A

    Nonclinical Options for MD without residency

    What career options does a US citizen IMG have in America? If they went to medical school abroad and got an MBBS degree (equivalent to an MD in the US) and wanted to do a non clinical job and not do a residency?
  7. Neuronom

    Paid Position and altruism?

    Thank you in advance! Please ask me for clarification, if necessary. I recently began a position working with a greatly under-served population of clients, suffering from addiction and seeking rehabilitation (willingly or unwillingly). I am really excited to work with these clients due to...
  8. KCraig

    What are some ideas for my gap year?

  9. G

    Non-Clinical? Or mention as Clinical?

    The last few summers, I have built up volunteer hours at my local hospital. About half of my hours were spent with patients, playing games, talking, etc., which I know is considered clinical volunteering. However, the other half of my hours was spent copying and organizing papers, equipment...
  10. clippers50fan

    EC classification/hours questions

    Two separate items. 1) I made and ran a fundraiser (an actual event at my uni, not just raising money through other means) for a children's hospital. Do you include all hours you spent planning and making the event, as well as the hours of the actual event, in your AMCAS ECs under non-clinical...