1. N

    NYCOM vs. CCOM

    Helloo! I've been waitlisted at NYCOM for a few months now, but I'm contemplating sending a LOI to them. I know submitting a LOI doesn't mean I'll get in, but I want to stick to my word if NYCOM does end up accepting me, and for this reason, I want to think about which one would be right for...
  2. T


    Thought Id make a forum for those who were accepted to and attending NYCOM starting Fall 2017 (Class of 2021). Thought it would be a good place for any questions, housing, financial aid, ect....
  3. L

    NYITCOM vs WesternU COMP - Pomona

    Hi Everyone, I know there was a similar post comparing these two schools, but I wanted to ask again since that post is a little outdated and I know things have changed at both schools over the years. How do you compare the rotations/residency matches? Academic support? Clubs and activities?
  4. Alienman52

    ACOM Acceptance vs NYCOM-Westbury II

    Hi all, So I just received a NYCOM interview today for the westbury campus. I actually live 5-7 min from the campus. Needless to say I'm overjoyed at the opportunity to interview at such a great school. I have an acceptance to ACOM, put the deposit down, and even booked a room for living. So...
  5. 7

    DO School -> Residency

    Hello Everyone, I have read many many posts and forums regarding this whole topic of DO school and residency. I do fully understand that MD vs. DO, the title is not everything. It is how the student does in school, board exams, interaction with your faculty, etc. With my stats, I am more fitted...
  6. M


    Hi everyone, I've been accepted to both KCU and NYCOM. While this is great I'm struggling to decide which school to go to. NYCOM is about 40k more expensive over 4 years, but being in NY its pretty much set that you'll end up the Tri-state area for residency. This is a big plus because I've...
  7. C


  8. tcon91


    I feel like I've won the lottery here. I have been fortunate enough to earn an acceptance to both schools and I'm very grateful for that. However, I'm having a real hard time deciding on which school to attend. I'm pretty set on specializing, hopefully in Cardiology. Is one school better over...