1. A

    Postponing MCAT, Finishing Prereqs, Transcript Confusion

    Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to give me some guidance on these issues - here's what I have going on: - My current scheduled test date for MCAT is June 27th. I posted another thread about how I've been studying for it and people have suggested that I should postpone to get the best...
  2. S

    Medical degree plus MSW or better to get PHD/PsyD

    Hi, I have a medical degree ( DO) and having hard time getting into psychiatry ( super competitive) . But really only thing I really enjoyed in my current family medicine residency is counseling others. However the thought of the all the years I have to spend in Phd or the amount extra debt I...
  3. BioForLife

    Too late for a career change?

    Hey everybody. Haven't posted on this forum in ages. So, I'm currently a third year dental student in my fall semester now. Up to this point, I have never had any sort of issue with didactic material and today found out that I passed Part I of my board exam :) However, lab work is often hit and...
  4. D

    What should I do for post-bacc?

    So I have been contemplating on what I need to do after graduating. I am needing to improve my chances for getting into medical school and I have three options. 1. Attend Duquesne's formal post baccalaureate pre-med program for 60,000 dollars a year (it was the only one I could find that didn't...
  5. S

    alternative options for

    I am currently on 2 wait lists for 2018, so I still have hopes for medical school next year, but I feel like I need a viable backup plan. I am two years out of undergrad and I have worked in labs and as a scribe so I don't think experience is where I am lacking and I really would like to be in...
  6. S

    Re-apply this cycle? Any Advice?

    I have applied once before without much preparation by getting caught up in the flow of traditional application time frame my Junior year. Now after graduation I have a cGPA 3.27 with gradual upward trend and 2015 MCAT score of 495 (C124/CA123/B124/PS124). Should I try re-applying for this...
  7. M

    What are my options?

    MS3 at DO school on rotations Finished rotation 1 and am currently on an elective Took Step 1 and ended up failing USMLE and receiving 470 on COMLEX I... Middle third of class quartile. Honors on first rotation. What are my options? -Only apply DO residencies -Retake USMLE -Is a dualy...
  8. B

    The Age-Old Question: PA vs. MD/DO?

    Hey y'all! I know this question has been asked a hundred times on these forums (because I've read them all!) but I felt like I need some answers that aligned more with my situation. So here it goes... A little background about myself: I just recently graduated from college, biology degree...
  9. D

    Family Medicine Residency prospects

    Hello, I am looking into family medicine residency programs and wondering if it is a good line to go to, and what are the prospects and fellowships that one can do after this residency and other options available after it.
  10. K

    Question about MCAT and then Applying to school HELP

    Hi everyone, So im a sophomore and im making plans for the future. As of now I plan on taking my MCAT next summer (The summer after my junior year) as well as applying to med school. The thing is I want to take most of the summer to study for my MCAT and take it sometime in July. I think the...
  11. S

    Want to know options getting out of DO school..

    I have 29 MCAT score and 3.98 GPA. I was successfully able to get into a DO school. But in spite of so much shadowing experience I did not like medicine at all. In fact I am hating clinicals and Anatomy. Basically, I am finding the curriculum too overwhelming. So could you guys please let me...