Question about MCAT and then Applying to school HELP

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Oct 28, 2015
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Hi everyone,

So im a sophomore and im making plans for the future. As of now I plan on taking my MCAT next summer (The summer after my junior year) as well as applying to med school. The thing is I want to take most of the summer to study for my MCAT and take it sometime in July. I think the application process starts around June 1st and is rolling admission I believe. My question is what do you recommend I do? I definitely want to apply to med school that summer and need to take my MCAT. Is it possible to complete my application w/o my MCAT score and then submit my score when it comes in? What do you guys think?


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I think it depends on what prereqs you've gotten out of the way already. For reference, I'm a sophomore too, and I'm finishing up all the basic courses this year, so I plan on studying over the summer and taking it in September. At my undergrad, a lot of juniors are left with just physics to complete, so they study fall quarter and take it in January junior year before applying in June, which might be another option for you.

Taking it in July and applying that cycle is definitely an option as well, and I'm sure quite a few people choose to go that route, but it just seems a little last minute for me, especially since you don't know how you did for a month and you have no choice but to submit that score once you've already submitted your app and want to get in that cycle.
Yes, you can submit/start the application process while you wait to get your MCAT scores back. But, July is cutting it too close...