organic chemistry 2

  1. marcusbailey

    Online Organic Chemistry Lab

    I attend a university that has multiple regional campuses where students can take classes from any one of them. Organic Chemistry 2 lecture and lab are being offered online through a neighboring campus and I want to take it there. The registrar's office told me that the official transcript won't...
  2. T

    Taking Orgo 2 for the 5th time - am I delusional?

    I am going to be taking Organic Chemistry 2 for the 5th time this summer. (Lord.) I took Organic Chemistry 1 THREE times before I finally passed with a C. I HATE chemistry to say the least. I don't get it at all but to be fair, if I spent more time with the material than I currently do, I might...
  3. M

    Might Fail Organic Chemistry II Twice. Will this ruin my chance of going to Pharmacy School and Grad

    So I am currently taking Organic chemistry 2 lecture for the 2nd time and it is finals week. I believe I am going to get a D or C in it. The first time I completely failed it. I didn't really try because I was focusing on my other classes. My priorities were all screwed just like it is this...
  4. A

    UNE Organic chemistry 2 Final

    Hello all, I am about to take my Chem 1021 lab final. Has anyone took it yet? What is the best way to study for it; would just lab data suffice? Please reply!
  5. H

    Organic Chemistry I v. II- study tips

    Hi everyone, new to this forum and this platform as a whole but currently a pre-med student who finished up orgo I fall semester sophomore year- did okay (I got a B+) but I expected that I could do better, so that’s what I’m aiming for for orgo II. I know I’m only a sophomore but it took me...
  6. S

    Need Advice gpa (3.8) but 5 withdraws?

    I have a 3.8 gpa and I haven't gotten my mcat score back yet but I scored 512 plus on all my practice exams. I did really bad first semester sophomore year where I got a BC (basically a c+ since the a BC is 2.5) in organic chem and got B's in a couple of other classes. I got really scared since...
  7. P

    Orgo2 Online Through UNE Midterm

    Hello! I found older threads but they didn't have this specific question, and I didn't want to bring a dead thread back to life. I am currently enrolled through UNE's online orgo 2 lecture only. I am accepted to pharmacy school but because of my C- they told me to take the class again online...
  8. S

    Is Organic Chemistry II worth it? (poll)

    I am hoping to gain some input on people's opinions of the difficulty, necessity, and content of Organic II. (Keeping in mind that the school I'm taking prereqs at does not require second semester organic for biochemistry). If you only took OChem I, any regrets? Did you feel prepared for...
  9. T

    Pre-med nightmare

    So I'm currently in my Junior year second semester, and it feels like all my dreams are coming crashing down regarding med school. Here's a brief summary of my situation -entered local state college and did great, was honors student, all As and A+'s as a human biology major -Sophomore year...
  10. N

    Passing all classes?

    Does anyone know if offers of admission state you must pass all the classes you are currently taking. I have interview at UDM and have a D in orgo 2. The email I received before my interview said I had satisfied my org 2 requirement so I am just wondering, if I get an offer of admission, will it...
  11. X

    How do you study for orgo II?

    I went over the class notes and basically memorized everything. Than I did some of the assignment questions (pretty sure I kept looking at the solutions). Than I did a practice midterm. I ended up doing poorly on my midterm. What should I do different next time so I can ace midterm 2 & final
  12. MissSuccess

    Organic Chemistry 2 Online through UNE?

    Hello everyone! I am wondering if anyone has taken Orgo 2 online through the University of New England. What would you suggest or recommend as preparation for the exams and labs? Thanks!
  13. T

    Pre-Requisite Timing: Biochem Before O-Chem 2?

    Background: Appreciate any and all advice. I'm finishing up my bachelor's in a non-science major this Spring so I'm taking a year to finish pre-requisites and get some additional ECs. I'm going to take classes in all 3 summer, fall and spring semesters, but I'm also going to take the MCAT after...
  14. LatePrePharm

    Should I take Orgo II? Got a C

    I'm going to be applying to pharmacy schools this fall. I graduated with a BS in biology May 2015, and I've spent the last year taking the last few prereqs needed for pharmacy school (I decided to do pharmacy really late) and working as a pharm tech in a hospital. I'll be done with all my...