1. O

    The reality of Ortho residencies?

    Could anyone give me some details on what their day to day is really like for an ortho residence (I know your experience is program specific, just want to get as many perspectives as possible)? What kind of cases do you see most often? What is the relationship like with your co-residents? What...
  2. bbatasari

    J-1 Visa (Conrad 30 )Waiver Jobs for International Dentists and Dental Specialists

    Hi I am a Foreign trained dentist from India. I have been offered an internship program in Orthodontics, which the school wants me to do on J-1 visa. After attending the visa interview, I was told that I am subject to a 2 year home country residency requirement before I can apply for a H-1B...
  3. O

    Anyone looking for an Ortho opening?

    I'm new here and love the camaraderie, information and interactions I see.
  4. M

    New Here, I don't want braces. Is there a better option?

    Hi everyone, I live in the San Diego area and I am looking to try out some of those clear plastic braces (not sure what they are called) instead of going the traditional route of metal braces. Does anyone have any additional resources about this or know the cost, maintenance of going this...
  5. H

    400k+ to 500k+ to become a dentist. 1 million dollar to become an orthodontist???

    here is a very interesting analysis from financial expert's point of view. After working my butt off for a few years, I found that I only paid back the interests* of my students loans that have been accumulating from my first day at dental school. Now, I still have long ways to go to pay back...
  6. A

    3.5 GPA and Ortho

  7. wengerout

    Does it still make sense to specialize?

    Hello all, I wanted to ask does it still make sense for new grads to specialize (Not including OMFS). I have a long road ahead in terms of getting through dental school. I originally planned to pursue Orthodontics(Or possibly Endodontics) after dental school. However, I am now reading negative...
  8. V

    Would This Plan Work?

    Hello, I'm 16. I'm Junior in High school at the moment. In February, I plan on talking to a recruiter and joining the Army National Guard through the Split Enlistment Program (go to boot camp the summer of junior year come back for senior year then leave again for job training and come back in...
  9. Panis et Circenses


    Reposted this to a better location.
  10. T

    Business Opportunity in Georgia

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to inform you that I know of a retiring dentist who is looking to sell his business and work part-time as an associate after the transition (location – Georgia). I’m not a dentist myself but I’m interesting in buying this business from the retiring dentist...
  11. M

    how much do first year specialists make?

    Edit: Lol I know I plan way too far in advance, its a blessing and a curse. My real question in all of this was: in your experience, about how much can endodontists/orthodontists expect to make in their first year or two out of residency? (Ideally in Mass or Cali, and I'd be willing to work...