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    Current Student Opinions? PCO vs MCPHS

    Hello everyone! I was accepted into both PCO and MCPHS this past week. They are both my top choices for optometry schools and I know they both have pros and cons. I wanted to reach out to any current students to get their opinions on these two schools (school life, personal life, likes...
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    Thoughts on PCO, MCPHS, & Midwestern (CCO)?

    Hello everyone! I've been looking through this forum and noticed that there are no interview feedback pages for MCPHS and Midwestern (CCO). I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on SALUS/PCO, MCPHS, & Midwestern (CCO). Do you think NBEO pass rates should be a the largest factor in...
  3. C

    Can you get accepted without letters of rec?

    Hi, So I interviewed at Salus over a week ago (11/8). I got an email from them on Friday asking if I can get my letter of recommendation from my TA cosigned by the professor. This professor is super busy and is very particular about who he gives letters to so I was unable to get a signature...
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    Optometry School Decision

    Hey all, So I'm having a hard time deciding between schools at the moment. Thankfully I have been accepted to Midwestern (Chicago), Western, NECO, NOVA and I have my last interview tomorrow at PCO. Right now I'm keeping my options open hoping PCO will really wow me, but I'm between 2 schools...
  6. G

    ICO or PCO salus?

    I know there are posts comparing the 2 but I am looking for some updated recent feedback on the 2 schools. I was accepted at both and I already paid a deposit at one of them but I am wondering what you guys think about each school. My impression is PCO was a nicer school than ICO. PCO has brand...
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    PCO salus deposit extension

    hello, I was recently accepted to salus and my top choice(ICO) invited me to fill out my supplemental which I’m sure they’ll invite me for an interview. My question is, would salus give me an extension on the deposit due date? I want to interview at ICO before I make my final decision.
  8. R

    PCO vs ICO vs NECO

    Hi recently got accepted to PCO, ICO, and NECO. I'm having trouble deciding between which school to attend. If any first years or beyond or other people who recently got accepted could provide input that'd be great. Here's my reasoning for each school. 1. ICO Pros: - Offered a 40k...
  9. J

    Accepting Interview from Only One School

    Hey guys! I applied to NECO and Salus and got interview offers from both of them. Would it be stupid to turn down the Salus offer and only go to the NECO interview?
  10. E

    Optometry school chances

    Hi everyone, Just wanted other opinions to see if I would get accepted into ANY optometry school. Preferably PCO, NECO, SUNY or NOVA. So my story is that I was accepted into a 3+4 program with Salus University and my current college. I believed I would be attending PCO this year however, they...
  11. A

    Interviews at PCO,SUNY, NOVA

    Hey everyone, I just had my optometry school interviews recently. I decided to share my experiences because the forums I read really helped preparing me for my interviews, but were a bit old. It's true what they say just relax and be yourself. Good luck on your interviews! PCO Interview: I...
  12. car guy doc

    PCO interview day

    Hi all, I have an interview at PCO this upcoming Monday (9/25), and I was wondering if anyone who has interviewed there this cycle can offer any advice. The email says it's a 4-5 hour long day with the interview, information sessions, and a tour. Can anyone outline a rough schedule of events /...
  13. car guy doc

    OAT, GPA, competitiveness

    I just took the OAT and did worse than I expected. I scored a 310 TS and 310 AA with zero sections below 300. My cGPA is around a 3.45, sGPA 3.1. I have pretty good extracurricular activities including many different clubs/organizations (some of which I have held leadership positions), 100 hours...
  14. J

    Salus Univeristy Pre-Reqs for Regular/Scholars Program

    Hi all, I was hoping I could get some help from anyone who had already applied to Salus University's Regular/Scholars program. I'm going into my junior year and I'm a bit torn between whether or not I need to take Calc. 2. I was wondering if those who had gotten into Salus's Regular/Scholars...
  15. O

    Admission status opinion

    Hi! I'm looking for some opinions from people who may have been in a similar position, or would just like to give their input. I was invited for an interview and accepted at PCO prior to taking my OAT. I didn't do as well as I'd hoped on the test due to unfortunate circumstances, and they asked...
  16. N

    My Brief Guide to Optometry Applications

    Hello everyone I wanted to write this to give those in pre-optometry or considering optometry an idea of what to expect and tips about going through the process. I wished someone had put something like this out there when I was going through the process, so I figured I would try to help you all...
  17. H

    Opinion on 3 year accelerated OD program (salus PCO)

  18. O

    Pros and Cons on Schools

    I am currently applying to four optometry schools (ICO, PCO, SCO, and SCCO) and wanted to start thinking of where I would personally rank them so that I can make a decision if accepted to more than one school. I understand that the best way is to visit these schools and learn but it never hurts...