1. jacob42

    How much pharmacology/psychopharmacology do you use/are you allowed to use as a psychiatrist?

    Considering whether I want to go into medicine. If I did, psychiatry is one of my major leanings as a speciality. I really love pharmacology and psychopharmacology—especially theorizing about things like augmentation strategies and visualizing how all these drugs interact in the brain...
  2. 9ss

    Which graduate program is best for Dental anesthesiologists?

    Hi all! I'm looking at a couple of options to enhance my application for future cycles. It looks like many suggest SMP with a dental track or high matriculation into a dental school, but what about other programs. In the future, I would like to become a dental anesthesiologist. Going to an SMP...
  3. R

    For Sale Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards, Third Edition Brand New In Wrapping

    Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards 3rd Edition, brand new still in wrapping. $30 and free shipping
  4. D

    MD to PharmD? Has anyone done it in this order, and is it worth it?

    Hello, There are a few posts out there about people doing PharmD --> MD, but has anyone with an MD done a PharmD after? Is there any sense in doing this? I am an MD student at an accredited international medical school. My fiance is a DO student in the US. We both want to start a family as...
  5. Snickerdoodle1996

    Basic Pharmacology Course Before Medical School

    Hi everyone, My university offers a basic pharmacology course tailored to serve as a foundation for medical school. I am working on my schedule for my last semester before starting medical school in the Fall. I am wondering if it is worth taking this course or if I should just take other...
  6. a_zed24

    Receptor occupancy theory

    Hello there, while studying pharmacology and the receptor theories, this sentence popped out and I'm having troubles understanding what it means: "In receptor occupation theory, the drug may either fully activate the receptor or not." Why's that? What about partial agonists? Does this theory...
  7. T

    Pharmacology Course at UC Berkeley Extension

    Has anyone of you guys taken Pharmacology at UC Berkeley Extension? How was the final? I haven't been able to find any info regarding the final online, and I would really appreciate any advice.
  8. T

    UC Berkeley Extension Hematology & Genetics *DIY Post Bacc*

    Hello everyone! I know this is a shot in the dark, but help a fellow student out. So I'm currently taking Hematology, Pharmacology, and Genetics at UC Berkeley Extension (online). So before taking these classes I was ready to learn and ace all of them, and then once I took them I realized that...
  9. D

    Sketchy Pharm Notes

  10. Y

    Pharmacology NBME

    Any suggestions on how to prepare for the pharm shelf? I'll be taking it in about 3 weeks. Should I go for FA, BRS, Qbanks, sketchy?
  11. D

    Local Anaesthetics (digital nerve block)

    A man, 27 years old, 45kg, undergoes a suture of finger. In this procedure, there is a need to administer a local anaesthesia for digital nerve block. What preparation should be used? 1.5% bupivacaine in 10mL 1.5% bupivacaine in 10mL with 1:200 000 adrenaline 2% lignocaine in 10mL 2%...
  12. Medstudent 98

    Switching to Pharmacy

    I've just finished my first semester as a first year medical student and I've been developing quite an interest in pharmacology. (I originally went into medicine to pursue either aneasthesiology or dermatology). I was told that it would be best to finish a degree course then pursue pharmacology...
  13. O

    New podcast for pharmacy students - OnePharmily

    Hey guys! I recently started a podcast called OnePharmily. I'm a third year pharmacy student myself and wished there were more review podcasts intended for pharmacy students, so I decided to try to make one! I've got two episodes out right now, where I picked a disease state and discussed the...
  14. X

    For Sale Flashcards for sale: Netter's Anatomy; Lange Pharmacology; Lippincott Micro; Lange Pathology

    I'm selling my 4 decks of flashcards. They are in very NEW/never used conditions: Netter's Anatomy; Lange Pharmacology; Lippincott Microbiology; Lange Pathology. These are highly recommended study material for both first and second years of medical school and for Boards studying. The price...
  15. biDOC

    FDA Concerns over TIRF-REMS and Rethinking Access Program

    *TIRF-REMS = Transmucosal Immediate Release Fentanyl - Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy ^Patient, Provider, and Pharmacy is required to register with TIRF-REMS Access Program (e.g. Abstral, Actiq, Fentora, Lazanda, Onsolis, Subsys) FDA rethinking TIRF-REMS* after nationally renowned...
  16. P

    USMLE Flash Cards for Step 1 Pharmacology

    Which one's are THE best flashcards to study? So far I have heard Brenner's, Lange and Lippincott. Which ones will get me >250?
  17. putra_dr

    Clinical Pharmacology

    For Pharma residents: Student handouts, MCQs and question banks on pharmacology for quick revisions: Here's what you can quickly recap the fundamental concepts of pharmacology. A set of Pharma resources and MCQs on Scribd by pharma master dr. sid: 1000+ MCQs in basic pharmacology with...
  18. M

    Easy way to remember antibiotics for different diseases

    Hi, I would like to know: is there an easy way to learn the antibiotics used in different conditions? or how would you go about learning them? I am finding it very hard to rote memorize, for eg meningitis-ceftriaxone, pneumonia- amoxiclin/clarithromycin/co-amoxiclav, chlamydia-azithromycin...
  19. rs_med_student

    USMLE Katzung vs Lippincott Review

    i have been surfing dem internet forums and its clear that these two books are the bestsellers and the ones with the most popularity. leaving cards aside...i want a book for my MS2 pharma class which one should it be? what are the differences? (btw..assume that its the last edition for both...
  20. Polycherry

    What is the rationale behind tapering of immunosuppressant dose a while after transplant?

    MMF, Cyclosporine, Prednisolone, Tacrolimus the dose of whatever immunosuppressant used is reduced in around 6 months - 1 year after the transplant. What is the rationale behind this? Wouldn't any allograft, howsoever old, still remain foreign? Does the body learn to consider the graft self...
  21. G

    Need help deciding on educational route to reach my career goal

    I am a first semester college student. Ideally, I want to study Psychopharmacology/Nueropharmacology. I am unsure what degree to pursue and how to go about getting information regarding and educational plan. Will this require a degree in Psychology, with a minor in Neuroscience, then med school...
  22. rs_med_student

    BOTH Best Books for 2nd year recommendations please.

    hello guys. next month ill be hopefully moving to 2nd year and studying: -phathology -microbiology -pharmacology -genetics (i probably wont need a book) i need something that all med students dream of,a book thats: clear concise easy to read HIGH YIELD or MIDUIM YIELD just like Guyton for...
  23. Burnt Almonds

    Does anyone have creative ways of memorizing pharmacology adverse effects?

    How do you memorize all the adverse effects? Do you pick the 3 top ones for each drug? Do you ignore things like headache or nausea and only focus on the unique adverse effects? Do you group drugs that share the same adverse effects? Do you create associations with each drug that helps it...
  24. M

    Tulane MS Pharmacology vs UNTHSC MS medical Sciences

    I cant decide! Other than the fact that UNT is less expensive, I want to make the best decision related to preparing me for medical school. What are the opinions out there? I'm open to all outlooks. Please be honest and help a me with this decision :) thanks!!
  25. docjohng

    Pharmacology or psychiatry student wanted for project

    We're looking for a motivated, responsible student or recent graduate who's interested in helping us out with a project in updating our drug reference information on our website. You must be studying in either the pharmacology or psychiatry field, or have a recent degree that reflects such...
  26. nopuedodecidir

    Chem or Biochem Major for Drug Design as an MD/PhD or as a med school backup

    Hello, So, I'm a premed at Cornell who primarily intends on going to medical school, but would like to have a solid backup plan that I would enjoy in case things don't work out or even something that I could do as a physician-scientist. I think that what I would be most interested in doing is...
  27. L

    Question about Drugs

    Good afternoon, I am currently very confused about adrenergic drugs and their toxic effects particularly reflex bradycardia or tachycardia. Will someone please clarify the mechanism of this? Here's what I understand thus far: 1) Decrease in blood pressure can stimulate baroreceptor...
  28. D

    Genetics vs Immunology?

    This is a pretty question: I was wondering which class in your opinion had more interesting and/or easier concepts: Immunology or Genetics and what you liked about your choice? I need one more elective for graduation and both classes seem interesting to me. I would like to take it easy for my...
  29. C

    Pharmacist vs Pharmacologist

    Made a video about the difference between a pharmacist and a pharmacologist *may differ depending on country*