pharmacy experience

  1. D

    Accepted students and pre-pharm students, What are your stats?

    To all accepted pharmacy students and students who are planning to go into pharmacy, what are your GPA, PCAT score, extracurricular activities, pharmacy experiences, leadership experience, etc? It would be great to know the general stats of all fellow pre-pharm students and accepted students so...
  2. S

    Johns Hopkins Pharmacy Summer Internship 2017

    Hey guys! I wanted to create this thread to talk about the application process. And hopefully past interns can share their advice and wisdom with the applicants? :)
  3. J

    Pharmacy School in california?

  4. G

    Good places to gain pharmacy experience?

    Hi everyone. I'm currently a rising sophomore and i was originally planning to apply to pharmacy school this upcoming year. But now I'm not so sure anymore because I've been applying to so many places such like cvs, Harris teeter, etc. for pharmacy experience and I've not been able to go through...
  5. AllyLynnn

    CVS Pharmacy Tech

    Hi! I just recently got hired as a pharm tech for cvs. I was just wondering if anyone has experience working as one for cvs? I have heard a lot of negatives but I think I can live with them. But.. My main question is.. How long is the hiring process? The manager called me around 4 days ago and...
  6. R

    Pre pharmacy advice

    Hi guys, I'm in a very bad predicament. I have been working as a pharmacy technician for 2 years. I will graduate with a biology degree this summer. However my college years have not been so great. I had many obstacles my way being the eldest child I had to work full time as well as be a full...
  7. S

    Where to do Pharmacy...?

    So I was think of going into pharmacy school,but in Canada and the States the chances of being accepted are low (due to competition), and you never know after what year you will accepted. I.e after first year, second year, or third, or after you complete the four years of Bsc. So, I was thinking...
  8. D

    My experiences as a 4th year pharmacist student on rotation

    I plan to be as transparent as possible in my blog to provide current and future APPE students a window into each of my rotations. I will share my experience, insights, and valuable information as I progress. In addition, efforts will be made to upload materials and discuss topics I deem...