pharmacy residency

  1. TheOnlinePharmacist

    Can't put my fingers on exactly what area I am interested in...is it a bad look for letters of intent?

    I am a 4th year pharmacy student currently in my 6th APPE block and starting my journey applying to Pharmacy residencies around the country. As of right now, I have not been able to narrow down my interests to just one area; however, I am currently interested in managed care, infectious disease...
  2. GradVantageRx

    Virtual interview tips (Zoom etc.)

    This is going to be a very interesting year for residency interviews. We would like to kick-off a thread discussing tips for virtual interviews. Here are a few: Consider your background - ideally, it will be neutral and not distracting If your bed is visible, that's cool, but make your bed...
  3. F

    Opinion: Pharmacy Residency Interview Portfolio

    What is your consensus regarding having a residency interview portfolio? Is it relevant? What should you include? I would assume that you would bring documents such as CV, cover letter, projects, presentations, posters, etc.? Please let me know what everything thinks!
  4. L

    LOI to program director or contact?

    Quick question, if the program contact (on ASHP website) is different than the program director of a certain hospital, to whom do we adress the letter? Thanks!
  5. L

    Compounding exam, NY licensure, Residency

    I want to apply for residency programs in New York, but as you know they require a third exam (in addition to MPJE and NAPLEX), that is compounding. That exam can only be taken in June and January (weirdly). I graduate end of june, and should be licensed by September 1 in New York. In order to...
  6. M

    Are my Credentials Competitive enough for PGY1?

    Hi, I'm a recent grad, and I'm about to apply for pgy1. I have a masters in biomedical science in addition to the PharmD. I've done clinical and public health research, my GPA is a B average from pharm school, and I chaired multiple positions in my frat in pharm school, as well as a tutoring...
  7. L

    NAPLEX, ATT, residency start date! URGENT

    Urgent question here! I am applying to PGY1 residency programs in the US, however I do not live in the US. I live in Lebanon and did my pharmD there. I am American hence applying to the programs that start in July. The problem is that my school of pharmacy graduation is on July 19 unlike the US...
  8. H

    3rd yr pharm student, no job experience, what should I do?

    Hi y'all, I am interested in getting into a residency program (my interest is informatics), and I will be entering my third year of pharmacy school this fall. Everyday I hear the job market is saturated and gets more competitive, and on top of that it seems like everyone has some job experience...
  9. F

    Best Pharmacy Residency Programs

    What do you all consider to be the best pharmacy residency programs? Include things like competitiveness, size, reputation, number of beds, awards, certifications, etc. Differentiate between PGY1 (pharmacy /acute care vs. ambulatory case focus vs. managed care, etc.) and PGY2 (oncology, ID...
  10. YTAZ

    Pass/Fail 3 year program and residencies

    Hello guys! I am very interested in pursuing a residency program upon graduation. I am a P2 at a 3 year program that uses a pass/fail system. I have 3 different leadership positions. I am very involved in the school events. I am in Phi Lambda Sigma. I have done research with a faculty. I...
  11. C

    Pharmacy Residency Pro/Con

    Hi everyone, With midyear coming up, my colleagues and I figured this may be a helpful video to individuals that are considering whether or not to do a residency. We walk through some of the pros and cons of a pharmacy residency. Hope it helps! We're also releasing another video next week...
  12. T

    Confronting a residency program professionally

    I've been in my PGY1 residency program for 3 months. I've been a hard-working student/now-Pharmacist from the first day I started this career. I am a tech turned pharmacist and I do love my career. My goal, no matter what happens in the path of my career, is to be a good pharmacist. My program...
  13. S

    PGY1 Resident Research - Help!

    Hi all.... My PGY1 residency is going great! However, my residency does not provide residents with a list of research ideas that may benefit the hospital. Instead they require residents to implement a type of pharmacy clinical service and prospectively evaluate the benefits. I'm honestly out of...
  14. P

    Yale Residency

    Hi all, I haven't finished my first year of pharmacy school yet but I was curious about certain residency programs, since I'm interested in possibly pursuing one. I haven't seen Yale being brought up often, but can anyone that's done their PGY1/2 there give me an insight on what it's really...
  15. A

    What are my residency chances?

    First of all, congratulations to everyone who matched during the first wave! I know you guys would do great things :) Btw, I am currently a P2 in a 3-year school and going into APPE on May. I know time is going by so fast, so as the residency applications are due in less than one year. I just...
  16. T

    pharmacy residency positions posted on job boards

    I was just looking for jobs on Indeed, and noticed that a few pharmacy resident jobs were posted since March 3rd. Are these positions only for students who were interviewed and ranked the site or are they opening up to other students now? I'm just curious since they were posted so recently.
  17. G

    Residency Interview Invites 2017

    Hey y'all! Just wanted to start a thread for everyone to share residency interview invites for 2017! Would love to hear when you received the invitation and for what program! Good luck!
  18. RXcmp

    Psychiatric Pharmacy vs. Other Areas of Clinical Specialty

    I'm a pharmacy student starting APPE rotations in January. I currently work as an intern in a large pharmacy chain, but I'm considering a residency (PGY1 and PGY2 potentially). In terms of clinical specialties, I'm most interested in psychiatric pharmacy. I just don't know what I want to do for...
  19. L

    where should I attend pharmacy school? MUSC or USC CoP?

    long story short I currently have a 4.0 from a state school in the south and a bunch of shadowing hours, etc. I am about to be a sophomore and am going to apply in state to one of the 2 pharmacy schools in my state (SC). One of them is MUSC and the other is the college of pharmacy at USC. They...
  20. S

    Research student

    As residents, residency program directors, or anyone of the like, what type of research were you/do you like to see students involved in? I understand that there are two major divisions of research in pharmacy: clinical and basic sciences. Which is preferable for someone wanting to do a...
  21. P

    How good are my chances for PGY1?

    Hello. I'm sure many people ask this question but I just wanted feedback from people that have experience with applying to/completing a residency. I am currently a PY3 at a small private pharmacy school. My GPA is my biggest setback for residency at a whopping 3.25. I didn't do so well my first...
  22. M

    What makes a residency less/more competitive?

    Hi all, I'm currently looking for residency programs nationwide, i'm single, young and moving out of state is not a problem! so since i'm looking at all programs, I can't distinguish what makes a residency more/less competitive. I didn't think about doing a residency until beginning of P4 yr so...