1. orrari


    Hey guys! So I am in the process of choosing a masters program right now, and as you can see it's the masters programs affiliated with ARCOM and PNWU-COM. PNWU- Pros Very high matriculation rate into medical school, this year its projected to be 32/40 or something. PNWU is an established...
  2. ADr.1Day

    Heritage Univ (MAMS) 2019-2020

    ~Good Afternoon ~ I just wanted to wish everyone who might be applying to Heritage's MAMS program luck in their endeavors. Also, I couldn't find any current threads for the 2019-2020 SMP Cycle. +pad+
  3. R

    Low GPA what are my chances

    I was wondering if I could get some help listing some schools that I have a possibility entering given my low stats. I am mainly looking at D.O schools at the moment. 3.2 Cum GPA 3.0 Science GPA-(upward trend) MCAT 505 Mexican URM from the Northwest 200 hours of hospice volunteering 50 hours of...
  4. J

    Help with College Research, Junior in HS

    Hi, I'm from Montana and am interested in a career in the medical field. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for good pre-med schools in the PNW, but also including California? I would like to stay on the West Coast, but if you have any East Coast schools you're dying to recommend, let...
  5. bdavis23

    Wvsom vs. pnwu

    hey guys, I’ve been accepted at wvsom and could interview at pnwu next week. I’ve been really set on wvsom but pnwu advances my interview and said they still have openings in the class, not just waitlist. It has higher pass complex first time pass rates. Im from the west so staying out seems...
  6. A

    PNWU Rotation Site Quality

    I was wondering whether any former/current 3rd or 4th year students can speak to the quality of the rotation sites offered by PNWU, specifically in the Portland, OR region? I have been accepted to this school, but might have other options..
  7. TentativelyHopeful

    Insights choosing a school?

    Hi everyone, As the first of my deadlines are approaching, I would just like to get some feedback on some schools. I got accepted to LUCOM, WVSOM, CUSOM, LMU-DCOM, KYCOM, MUCOM, AND RVUCOM. I still have an interview at KCU and PNWU-COM, but I don't think I can afford the plane tickets to fly...
  8. G

    PNWU DO 2017-2018 cycle

    Hello, I would truly appreciate it if someone could guide me about the letters of recommendation. In AACOMAS, you don't have to add letters of recommendation to submit it? I want to apply to this school, but I'm requesting letters via Interfolio. Does anyone know if the school would still review...
  9. wabunasabi


    Hello, I have been accepted to WSU ESFCOM (allopathic) as well as PNWU (osteopathic). I have been incredibly torn. WSU: - New school, part of the inaugural class -small class size of 60 -$8,000 in scholarships -amazing anatomy lab and campus -large city with plenty of opportunities for me to...
  10. D

    Help me with picking schools!

    Hey guys, So I need people's help with making a decision. I have interviewed at KCUMB and Touro Nevada, and have an interview at PNWU in January. After spending a lot of money on applications this cycle, I would like people's opinions on PNWU in relation to the other schools I have...
  11. T

    What's the deal with PNWU?

    There seems to be very little information about PNWU out there from current/former students. How do you guys feel about the curriculum/faculty/etc? If you could decide over again, would you still go there? I don't know whether to be comforted or not that there is virtually no information, good...
  12. EerieIsland

    DCOM vs PNWU

    I am trying to decide between PNWU and DCOM. I did the Masters at DCOM and have built really strong relationships with the faculty- from fellowship offers, to grants for research I have had a strong year here. Attending medical school at DCOM would mean some of my classes like MGA, Histo, and...
  13. bon22

    RVUCOM Acceptance Time

    I've been invited to interview at RVUCOM on 01/11. I have another interview at PNWU on 03/25. I would like to know two things: 1. How long did it take to hear back about acceptance to RVUCOM? 2. How much time do they give you to decide on acceptance? I would still like to see how the...
  14. C

    KCU vs. PNWU

    Hello everyone, I'm having a difficult time deciding which school I wish to attend so I was hoping I could get some input from others that are/were in my position. I'm interested in KCU for the obvious reasons: Well-established, research opportunities, solid rotations and a great curriculum. I...