PNWU DO 2017-2018 cycle

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Sep 11, 2017
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Hello, I would truly appreciate it if someone could guide me about the letters of recommendation. In AACOMAS, you don't have to add letters of recommendation to submit it? I want to apply to this school, but I'm requesting letters via Interfolio. Does anyone know if the school would still review my AACOMAS application even if I have not sent the recommendation letters from interfolio yet (since I have not yet received some of the requested letters)? And if I send it via interfolio, should I select on AACOMAS that I will not be adding letters (because otherwise there won't be a check mark in the evaluations section)? And does anyone know if the school only sent to everyone that submits the primary application or only to those that the school wants to move forward in the process? Also, does anyone know if a DPM letter could suffice for a letter from a physician? I know it's not a DO. I will be shadowing this month a DO for 15 hours. I finally found a DO that could allow me the opportunity to shadow, but I don't know how he would feel if I ask for a LOR after I am done shadowing. I will ask once I am done.

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