1. D

    Barry podiatry school

  2. K

    Rejection thread, stats?

    Worried about applying this late into the cycle, anyone been rejected from multiple schools?
  3. thefoothealer

    Renting NYCPM students: renting studio

    Hello NYCPM students I have a studio available for rent starting August. • 2 big bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom (shared) and all utilities included (water, gas, electricity, heat) Looking for 2 students, however depending on how comfortable you are, another student is welcome especially for cheaper...
  4. L

    Questions about Podiatry....

    hello everyone i hope you all are doing okay. i have a few questions for those who are currently podiatry residents or are practicing podiatrist. 1) What is the future of Podiatry? is the field growing or not growing? is there a demand for podiatrist? is it worth it to pursue podiatry now...
  5. L

    Starting to feel terrible...I am afraid to make that jump

    Hello all, I am currently a senior with one semester left and in a tough spot. I had originally wanted to go to med school and had a decent cum gpa and science gpa (3.6/3.5). I also had over 2000 hours of shadowing and amazing extracurricular activities but I bombed the MCAT with a 494. I still...
  6. musclesmiyagi

    How long does DMU take to give a response for acceptance?

    At the end of the interview day, I was told by admissions that it would take 2-3 weeks to get a response on acceptance. Has this been true with anybody on here that has been accepted? (Wondering for deadline purposes)
  7. musclesmiyagi

    Scholarship Information?

    Current medical and podiatry school applicant. So far I have 4 out of 5 interviews to the podiatry schools I applied to; BUCPM, TUCPM, SCPM, & KSCPM. None for med school at the moment. Eventually the talk about tuition will come depending on the school I choose. So, I would just like to...
  8. J

    English Requirement for Podiatry School

    . How strict is the requirement in terms of the course being labeled as an English course? For example. if I have taken multiple classes and labs that involve a writing intensive aspect, will those courses count towards that English requirement? Or does that course specifically have to be an...
  9. EngineerToPod

    Research- biomaterials

    Hi everyone! I've been a long time lurker but I need a little help. Biomedical engineer here, working in a biomaterials lab that specializes in bioactive glass. I'm working on developing new bone cement or bioactive glass and I'm trying to gear it towards foot and ankle surgery application. I...
  10. peds14

    Podiatry Residency Match List 2016

    Hey everyone! Match is just a few days away and I thought it would be cool to start a thread and see where everyone is going. Monday can't come soon enough! Good luck to you all. :soexcited::claps::zip::corny::highfive::luck:
  11. PodasaurusRex

    Podiatric Specialties

    I am curious to hear what current physicians, residents, or students have to say about podiatric specialties. With today's residencies is it possible to be specializing in wound care, sports med, pediatrics, etc. while in residency or is this exclusively saved for a fellowship? I know you can...
  12. S


    Here at specialized podiatry we aim to please the patient and gain the most income for our doctors. MCO's and any 3rd party insurances can be a hassle for any new practice or doctor. We at the office take care of all that work so you the doctor can take care of the patients needs! Thanks and we...
  13. DocHopeful1

    3.52 overall, 494 mcat 2015

    Hi I just found this SDN podiatry forum, so please bear with me :) I started becoming interested in podiatry not too long ago, so I am relatively new to the field. I will start shadowing a podiatrist starting this month. I wanted to apply for the Fall 2016 entering class, and wanted to know...
  14. bobtheweazel

    Podiatric College Appeal Index

    UPDATE: I've added the 4-year graduation rate into the equations, updated cost figures, and made two separate overall indexes—a quality index which is independent of cost and an appeal index which is dependent of cost. I've been trying to find an objective comparison of the podiatric colleges...