1. G

    Post-Interview Questions

    So I had an interview at Rocky Mountain University and I'm curious how long it usually takes to hear back from a school once you have interviewed? My second question is when do schools generally interview people? Is there a month of the year that is most popular? I want to know what is...
  2. Fishy fish

    Thank you cards or emails?

    Should I send a post-interview thank you card or email to my interviewers at my top choice school? Does it matter?
  3. nhongz256

    Feedback about LOI during my interview orientation

    I went to my interview at school X (keep anonymous due to privacy) several days ago. Before asking the question, here is a bit of background: - During the interview orientation, the Dean explicitly said that if any of us interviewee has Letter of Intent/Interest, thank you note, or update...
  4. R

    Yield Protection Post-Interview

    I'm an LM~70 applicant, high MCAT, research heavy, and will be interviewing at LECOM in the fall. I see LECOM has an average GPA and MCAT of 3.2 and 503 (LM 59). I like the school for its PBL curriculum, I hope to stay in the region, and they even have a little research that touches on mine...
  5. CavsFan2016

    Post-MMI follow-up?

    Is it necessary to follow-up with a school after your MMI interview? Hand-written noters to your interviewers wouldn't make much sense. Would asking to connect with another student or asking additional questions via email be of any benefit?
  6. D

    About Follow-up/Thank-you emails

    Hey all y'all I was wondering what is your opinion on sending a thank you email. I will interview soon and I was wondering if it necessary - for the sake of professionalism - to send a quick follow up email the day after my interview. Some of my acquaintances in med school suggest that I do...