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    Prospective Pre-Med or DPT Student looking for honest advice.

    Hello Everyone this is my first post and im really sorry if I am in the wrong place. It's a long story but I will try and keep this short. I am switching careers from journalism and marketing. I volunteered with a PT and liked what they did. So im in the process of completing pre-reqs. After...
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    Applying 2018-2019 Cycle

    Hi pre-PTs! I'm applying this cycle and was curious how my stats looked and how high my chances are.. I think the best thing I have going for me is my cumulative GPA which is a 3.91, but for the GRE I have a 149 Q, 153 V, and 4 for writing. I have about 130 hours of shadowing at 3 different...
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    DPT schools that allow more then two prerequisites outstanding

    Hey all, So my question is what schools are you aware of that will allow applications from prospective students that have more then 2 prerequisite classes outstanding? I am switching careers (BS and MS in Environmental Studies) and I am currently taking the prerequisite courses. I am...
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    Immediately after acceptance - things I wish I knew

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a few things I really wish I had known right after being accepted, despite the intense research I had done during the application process. - As I am sure you know, and I did too, you will need a number of immunizations, beyond the standard UG list. Between UG...
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    PTCAS essay edit??

    Hi all, I was wondering if i could have a few people read my essay to see if this edited version is a strong one. some questions I have are 1. is this version a strong and personal, yet still effectively answering the prompt? 2.does it have a good flow ? 3.any more i should add and take...
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    PTCAS Extracurriculars - Club Member "status"

    I am in the process of adding my club memberships into the Extracurriculars section of PTCAS. As an example, I am currently adding my experience as a member of the Pre-PT club. I entered the start and end dates for the experience, but it is also asking me for "status," and the choices are...
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    Help! Which School Should I Choose?

    I am currently an undergraduate student in Chicago, applying for physical therapy schools this summer. I have narrowed down my choice to two options: 1. University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) -----> $76K, and I would be able to commute to school 2. University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM) ----->...
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    DPT Interview with an Injury - Splint vs. no Splint

    I'm getting ready to interview next week for a DPT program, but I currently have a TFCC tear in my right wrist. I'm trying to decide if I should wear my bivalve splint. It's a bulky and uncomfortable splint, but it reduces my pain. If I wear it, my pain will be reduced, and I would probably...