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  1. D

    What are my chances?

    Hello, and thank you all for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it. Major: Biology (minor in chemistry) cGPA: 3.53 sGPA: 3.48 MCAT: 503 EC: - Four Year college athlete (senior year captain, two-time all-conference (not sure if this is important)) - 1700 hours volunteering (mainly...
  2. L

    SMP/ DIY Post-bac or apply all DO schools?

    Below 3.5 GPA studying for the MCAT and taking more classes to boost my GPA. -Volunteered at a disability facility -Volunteered at a clinic -Research -Shadowing PLEASE, I need help!!!! Thank you to everyone that replies have a good New Year.
  3. D

    Curious about Chances

    Hello! I am curious about my chances as a Medical School Applicant and need some advice. I am planning to apply during the 2018 cycle and am taking the MCAT in April. I apologize in advance if there are mistakes in this thread or if I went overboard describing my credentials - this is my first...
  4. S

    Touro Middletown vs. CUSOM

    Hi All. This year I have been accepted to LECOM, CUSOM, and Touro-NY Middletown. I immediately knew I didn't want to attend LECOM after the interview, but am still torn between the other two and would like some help since my deposit is due at Touro soon and I already had to put down a deposit...
  5. M

    AACOMAS Reapplicant

    I last applied in the 2015-2016 cycle and kept my account active, although I didn't apply to any schools in the 2016-2017 cycle. My question is will the information still be carried over into the 2017-2018 cycle? I know things such as LOR don't carry over, but will my experiences, information...
  6. Armyhealth

    Health Professions Scholarship Program

    Here to answer any questions you may have on HPSP for medical school. Let me help answer any questions you may have! I am a Army Healthcare Recruiter so I can only tell you about the Army but I will do my best to only give you only researched and honest answers. I have someone who is going...
  7. M

    MD & DO 2.9 cGPA, 3.7 Science

    Hi There, I was hoping to get as many takes as I can in regards to my chances of admission into medical school. Here's a little summary of my background: I spent the majority of my first four years of college as an Economics major, with no real plans to pursue any job opportunities in the...
  8. S

    How to stand out as a DO for competitive residencies

    I've recently gotten an acceptance from one DO school and been waitlisted at another and I was just wondering if anyone has any tips as to how I should prepare for medical school and also how I can set myself apart to compete with MDs at very competitive residencies. I understand that USMLE...
  9. F

    Non-trad struggling with Calculus 1- need advice

    Hi All, So I just transferred to a new school (Florida Atlantic University) from a CC and am majoring in Neuroscience. I chose this major because I like psychology and human behavior and felt that I was missing this in a traditional bio major. Little did I know- this major is really tough at...
  10. Jamdalf

    Volunteer Hours Concern

    I am applying for medical schools this summer. I have a reasonable MCAT (514) and strong GPA (4.0), I have research experience, and I was fairly involved on campus in my undergad (various club officer positions and tutoring science). I shadowed quite a lot as well (over 100 hours). My volunteer...
  11. F

    Help-too many math courses

    Hi All, Some background on myself: I am a non-traditional pre-med student, age 27 and am currently a bio major. After working 6 years in marketing to support my wife through nursing school I have finally begun my journey towards my dream-becoming a physician. I just completed my second semester...
  12. G

    How hard is it to get into D.O. school with low gpa?