1. S

    Position Wanted Current gen surg PGY2 prelim at Hopkins looking for pgy3 categorical spot

    Hi, I'm currently a pgy-2 preliminary doing General Surgery at Johns Hopkins. I have over 260 in the steps and the best Absite score in my class scoring 99th percentile and have great evaluations from my attendings and peers. I'm currently sitting at 290 major cases but I'm expecting to finish...
  2. E

    PGY1 GS-Prelim vs IM-Prelim vs TY?

    For students applying to DR (advanced, starting PGY-2), what are the pros and cons of completing a PGY-1 in general surgery vs internal medicine vs transitional year? And how would students prepare for each (eg LORs, 4th year rotations, etc)? And what is the relative proportion of programs to...
  3. B

    AAMC Preliminary background check. Does this make sense to you?

    Hello all, Question for you - I recently received my first acceptance (yay!) however I have come across some seemingly conflicting information in the 2020 AMCAS guide regarding preliminary background checks. I'm wondering if you all know if the preliminary report (which I participated in this...
  4. S

    Why are there so many unfilled Prelim positions in 2019 Match?

    Hi, I'm a Non-US IMG, Step 1 265, CS first pass and waiting for my CK score to be released next week. General Surgery is my dream and I've been working towards this goal for the past 4 years. I was reviewing 2019 Match data and I've seen that there are only 581 out of 1158 Prelim positions...
  5. H

    Urgent: Surgery Prelim Chances - Failed step 2ck - Cat vs. Adv

  6. M

    Question about H-1B Visa

    Hello, There are some residency programs that requires a preliminary or transitional year (PGY-1), for example radiology or anesthesiology. In the majority of cases, at the end of this year, you'll move to your new residency program (PGY-2), which is located in another hospital. In a possible...
  7. M

    Preliminary Surgery SOAP

    I am an American Medical Student who is applying into an advanced program requiring a general surgery preliminary program. I was hoping to live in Chicago for my preliminary program, but only received one preliminary interview for Chicago, but many in cities along the West Coast. Do you...
  8. M

    Other Should I say I have a position?

    I'm currently in a PGY-1 prelim, applying to PGY-2 categorical and prelim positions. At the moment I've been accepted into a prelim PGY-2 program but I'm still looking for that elusive categorical spot anywhere that would take me. My question is, in these postings that open up for...
  9. G

    Can you share your thoughts on these programs?

    The two options I have on my rank list at the moment are a categorical position at Brookdale hospital in Brooklyn and a preliminary position at case western reserve in Cleveland. I need any input I can get if any one has any experience with the surgery programs in either place? How does CW treat...
  10. A

    Help with number of transitional/prelim

    DO here applying for ACGME radiology this year. Wondering if anyone can shed some light as to how many transitional/prelim programs they applied to/interviewed at and any advice with the process? I have heard conflicting opinions on the matter. At the risk of sounding lazy I have been...
  11. Sailor Senshi Dermystify

    Confused on these terms

    Hello Everyone! I was reading the surgical subspecialties thread in pre-allo and the doctors and residents mentioned quite a few terms that I really don't understand How does the residency process works besides the match? What is a transtional year compared to preliminary and categorical...
  12. Doc55

    Position Wanted PGY-1 preliminary position at IM Residency Program

    I'm looking for a PGY-1 preliminary position in an Internal Medicine Residency Program. I am a US Citizen-IMG. ACLS, BLS, PALS certified. Currently, I'm enrolled in online MBA and MPH programs. My USMLE scores are: 220, 230, pass, 214 all on the first attempt and within one year. Available...
  13. R

    Is it worth it to do a Prelim Surgery year?

    I am an IMG who did not match into medicine. Does anyone know if it is worth it to do a preliminary surgery year just to gain experience/letters and try to match into medicine again after?
  14. MemberX

    Transitional Year

    Hello friends and (future) colleagues, I am current applying for Neuro & prelim residencies. I have also received a few invitations for Transitional Year interviews. I was wondering if TY are allowed for most Neuro residencies? I have heard conflicting things so just want to get people's...
  15. E

    BUMC: 11/20 Interview Switch

    If anyone is willing to take my 11/20 date at BU (prelimary medicine) for 1/15, please message me! I will give you virtual cookies.
  16. S

    Preliminary Programs No Invitations Yet

    Hi, I have been following the forum since ERAS opened and I am getting very worried as I have only received ONE interview invitation for a preliminary position. However, I received about 7 radiology invitations already. I applied to about 50 IM prelim, 25 Surgical Prelim and 15 Transitional...