prerequisites for med school

  1. D

    Advice for application timeline

    Hello all! I am looking to apply to medical school, but am a bit conflicted about my timeline. I am 28 years old with an undergrad in Econ at a top public school with cGPA of 3.75 and slightly higher science GPA, albeit with lower level science courses. I served in the Army for about 5 years...
  2. D

    WUSTL Differential Equations

    Hello Everyone: I was looking at Washington University in St. Louis's Medical School prerequisites and I had a question I wanted to ask all of you. Do they want a differential equations class or classes like calculus I and calculus II that touch on the subject of differential equations? From...
  3. N

    Doctoral Student Potentially Transitioning to Medical School

    There are similar posts on here so I apologize for redundancy - I am currently nearing the end of my doctoral program (Neuropsychology) and may use it as a stepping stone to medical school. I had an undergraduate minor in Human Biology, so many pre-med courses are done. However, there are...
  4. C

    Applying to Competency-Based Medical Schools

    So I'm aware of the few medical schools that have switched to competency based "requirements". UCLA has recently made the switch, and then there is Stanford, USC, etc. I've finished all the prerequisites except for 1 semester of biology and 1 semester of o-chem. While these schools outline...
  5. themanonthemoon

    What classes to take prior to MCAT... with one semester left?

    I am currently a Junior at university with one semester after this current one to go. I have completed both general biologies, English, Psych/Soc, and one semester of physics. This semester, I am currently finishing my second general chemistry semester and first semester of A&P lecture and lab...
  6. C

    Biochem Lab for med school?

    Most of the posts I've seen on this forum are from a while ago so I was wondering if anything changed. Is it biochem WITH lab generally a requirement for med school? A lot of my premed friendsd seem to be taking biochem lab though I'm not sure why.
  7. medicallyundecided

    Dual Credit Student w/ medical prereqs at a community college?

    Okay, to first start off.. Let me explain a bit about the program I am in. I am in a high school collegiate program which allows me to take college credit classes as a high school student. The school that I am currently attending is at a community college, of course. I am currently a junior in...
  8. E

    General Advice and Question About Prerequisites

    Hi, I'm a 26 year old who is not very happy with my chosen career. I had always planned on the medical field as an occupation while growing up because the thing I like learning about the most is the human's fascinating, and my original goal was Nursing school. But as that time drew...
  9. N

    Prerequisites to Take in Spring 2017 in Massachusetts

    The short of it is that I'm hoping to finally start my med school prerequisites in Spring 2017 in the Boston metropolitan area and am looking for specific classes to take and places to take them. I would like to take classes at Harvard Extension, but it looks like in Spring only the second part...
  10. 8

    Taking the requirements at two community colleges

    Hi Everyone, I went to two community colleges before transferring to UCLA. I took the first English class that satisfied the English composition area at Glendale CC and then a class that covers the English composition/Critical thinking at Pasadena CC. I also split the gen Bio classes: The...
  11. M

    Retake Calculus or Jump Into Calc 3?

    Hi all, I'm at a state school majoring in biochemistry (I LOVE CHEMISTRY:love:) and looking to go to medical school. My school requires that I have three semesters of calculus for my major, and I did well in Calculus BC as a junior in high school. As a result, I received credit for both Calc I...
  12. SG32

    Recent college grad currently taking prer

    Hey guys, I'm a 22-year old who just graduated with a BS from a four-year university. Unfortunately, it took me a while to figure out which healthcare profession I truly wanted to pursue until my senior year of college. I'm currently taking chemistry summer courses and am planning on taking...
  13. S

    Help with applying to med school

    Hey everyone I was hoping I could get some advice on the situation I am currently in.... I am a post bacc student, 26years old, currently completing my pre med requirements at a community college. I will be completing O Chem at a nearby university and have already taken an intro to ochem and...
  14. Pursuingmydream

    Do medical school care where i take human anatomy?

    Hi I have already graduated from University and i've been wondering if medical schools care about prerequisite courses/recommendation courses from community college because i am not able to take the followings: - Microbiology - Human Anatomy and Physiology - Biology of Cancer - Endocrinology -...
  15. K

    Dental to Medical?

    I have been studying dentistry in India for three years now. Unlike the United States-where one would have to complete four years of predent- Indian dental schools accept students straight out of high school. The bachelors level dental program here is five years long. In my first three years I...