Taking the requirements at two community colleges

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Hi Everyone,

I went to two community colleges before transferring to UCLA.
I took the first English class that satisfied the English composition area at Glendale CC and then a class that covers the English composition/Critical thinking at Pasadena CC.
I also split the gen Bio classes: The first bio at Pasadena CC and then the next one in the series at Glendale CC.

My IGETC 1 year English requirement was satisfied and UCLA accounted for both my Bio classes as the gen Bio equivalence and accepted the fact that I spit them.
So my 1 year English and gen bio requirements are met
Would med schools look at is the same way? Or would they be iffy about it?
Thanks in advance.


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Oct 27, 2014
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I would think you'll be fine. I think med schools see more of an issue if you take all/most of your prereqs at a CC while in university--i.e. all your pre-med courses at CC, all other classes at university.