1. G

    Transcript parchment email not received

    Parchment said my transcript was received on June 15, but AMCAS is now processing e transcripts from June 23, and mine has not been marked as received. I’ve called, emailed, had my case escalated by both parchment and AMCAS...still don’t know what to do? My school refuses to just email a...
  2. 444zane3

    Which secondaries don’t ask about misdemeanors and/or criminal records?

    Hi all, I have a retail fraud misdemeanor from high school that will be expunged so I don’t have to report in primary. I’m wondering which schools’ secondaries don’t ask about criminal histories and misdemeanors. Mainly I’m trying to narrow down my school list. I’ll still apply to schools that...
  3. sherer1

    AMCAS Activities Section Template (Google Sheets)

    I made this to prewrite my activities section, I hope it helps you too. Color-coded yellow for most meaningful experiences. Google Sheets - AMCAS EXPERIENCES TEMPLATE
  4. explorer012

    Primary application Submission

    Hi all, Is submitting a primary application at the end of September too late? The deadlines for schools are November/ December. I know the verification process takes ~6wks at this time. If a deadline is December 1st. Does that mean I have to submit by AT LEAST October 15th to get the...
  5. I

    Error in Primary - Need Advice (Activities)

    Hey Everyone. Just noticed an error on my AMCAS primary for one of the activities I listed. It was an activity I did during college, and I mistakenly put the wrong year in the date range. I'm sweating it a bit because I specified that I did it in college, and the year I added put it after I...
  6. D

    NABP primary jurisidiction

    If I set my home state of Illinois as my primary jurisdiction, does this mean I need to take the board exams in Illinois? Also will this mean I will become licensed in Illinois upon passing both NAPLEX and MPJE? Can someone please advise? TIA.
  7. D

    In-State VS. Out-of-State ATT

    I'm a little confused on how the NABP Authorization To Test and jurisdiction process works. I will be graduating in June and I plan on practicing in a state different from my current residence (where I'm currently also attending school). I have not yet selected my primary jurisdiction on NABP...
  8. U

    LORs criteria: science/humanities professor vs. lab?

    Main Question - I have seen that the "standard advice" is to have 2 LOR from professors in hard sciences, 1 from professor in humanities, and ≥1 from ECs. • Does a professor whose lab you work in count as a "hard science professor" letter if you never actually took a class with them? I'm...
  9. inGenius Prep

    Medical The 3 Main Phases of the Medical School Application Process

    It’s no secret that the medical school application process is a long and difficult road. Applying to medical school can take from nine months, up to a year! So when should you begin? How does the process work? To start off SDN’s Admissions Prep week, here’s an outline of the 3 main phases of...
  10. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Would it be risky or inappropriate to use the word "smartass" in your app or interview?

    Comparing EMS and scribing: "While physicians always seemed happy to see you made connections or were following their line of thinking about complicated issues in the note, it so happens many people in EMS would usually consider you a smartass for saying something to the effect of "neurological...
  11. N

    Preemptive Secondaries... on the DO Primary?!

    UPDATE: I got my answer by calling DMU-COM. I printed it below. Earlier today, I was filling in as many of the "easy bits" of the AACOMAS 2018 application as I could (aka coursework + Y/N questions), I noticed that under the school-specific button, some schools have, in addition to Prereqs tab...
  12. M

    Latest MCAT Date

    I was wondering when the latest date to take the MCAT would be in order to still apply in a timely manner for this cycle. I was hoping to take it on June 1st, which would mean the scores would be released on July 6th. Would this delay or hurt my application in any way? I know that many schools...
  13. CavsFan2016

    Adding additional schools to Primary Application

    This is probably a neurotic question, but do other schools get a notification/update if you add another school to your primary application?
  14. C

    Is July 18th too late to submit AMCAS Primaries??

    I took the June 18th MCAT and am waiting for my score ( July 17th). Non-trad applicant and don't really have the money to shell out if my score isn't here I need it to be..... Will submitting my AMCAS on the 18th of July really hinder my chances? ( all other factors aside...gpa, mcat score...
  15. M

    Schools that do not ask about all criminal convictions on their secondaries?

    I have looked around for an answer for this in other threads and can't find anything recent enough that I find reliable. Does anyone know of medical schools (preferably in the Northeast) that do not ask about criminal convictions/charges on the secondary application? I have a violation for a...