1. D

    MCAT Study Book for Sale: Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook (Princeton Review)

    Selling 2010 edition of Princeton Review's Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook. Used it in 2013, and its tips were very useful in helping me earn my 41 (equivalent new score of 525). Book is in near-perfect condition; absolutely ZERO markings/writings. Spine is unbent. The cover has a few small...
  2. N

    For Sale UNWRITTEN IN Berkeley Review (2018 ed.) + Exam Krackers Biology (10 ed.) + Princeton Review CARS Workbook

    All books are entirely unwritten in and are gently used. There are no markings whatsoever in any of the books. Books include: The Berkeley Review 2018 ed. complete science set (Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - 8 books) MCATBros charges $300... mine are $278 in...
  3. A

    Cars improvement advice

    I'm sure this question gets asked a lot, but i'm getting pretty frustrated with the CARS section and need some guidance. On almost all the full lengths I've taken (AAMC, PR, etc.) I've consistently been getting 123 on the CARS section. I've tried some techniques from youtubers, and princeton...
  4. A

    How do you all feel when answering CARS questions?

    When I select answers for the CARS passages, I feel like I'm guessing on almost all my answers. I am only certain of my answer choices a few times throughout the CARS sections. I'm doing decent on the CARS Q-packs and I also did decent on the PR review CARS sections. Its not like im missing a...
  5. A

    How do I improve MCAT score? (especially chem/phys)

    Howdy, So my first Princeton review full length I got a 499 (123/123/127/126) and I just took another PR full length today and got a 505 (123/126/127/129). My issue is with chem/phys obviously. How can I improve this score? I have approximately 30 days before I take my official MCAT (Jan 19th)...
  6. A

    1 month till MCAT

    Hi guys, My MCAT exam is January 19th and Im going to have approximately 35 days to seriously study for it once my school semester is over in December. I spent about 2.5 months doing content review/light practice with princeton review during the summer already. At the end of the summer, I...
  7. SOAPsucks222

    changing my gameplan for MCAT BIO - need advice!!

    So last night i took a next-step half length diagnostic MCAT exam, and my bio results were awful, i got a 123. I struggled a lot during the bio portion of the exam, and i knew my score was going to be bad. this is concerning because i've done some content review. i'm about 100 pages into the...
  8. M

    SN2ed/MCAT Jelly/Nymeria books set. TBR, TPR, EK and extras

    The complete sn2ed/MCAT jelly/nymeria book set plus extras. Full “The Berkeley Review” book set, Exam Krackers 1001 books, Exam Krackers 101 passages in MCAT verbal reasoning, Exam Krackers Biology, “The Princeton Review” MCAT cars workbook (the new version of TPR hyper learning). All books...
  9. A

    Advice requested: How to proceed with MCAT studying

    I just took my first TPR MCAT full length exam after doing 2 months of pure content review and a few practice passages occasionally. I scored a 499 (123/123/127/126). The content review was mainly just taking the TPR online classes and reading through the TPR book set. All practice passages that...
  10. A

    MCAT Biology/biochem section

    I'm going through the TPR biology book and I see that there's a ton of information in here, some of which was not taught in my intro bio classes. Currently I'm trying to go through and learn all of this info but it's proving to be a ton of work/memorization. Anyone have any advice on how to...
  11. A


  12. A

    How much did your MCAT scores improve?

    I'm scheduled to take the MCAT September 1st, which means I have roughly 4 months to study for the exam. I haven't started any MCAT study as of yet. Im going to do a few weeks of self studying starting tomorrow and do the princeton review ultimate in class course next month and complete a few...
  13. S

    Supplemental Materials for MCAT Subjects

    Hey everyone! This is my first SDN post so apologies for any mistakes on my part and thanks for stopping by. So I'm in the nascent stages of MCAT preparation right now, just about to start major content review. I decided on using the Kaplan 7-Subject pack as my main source, but after doing a...
  14. A

    MCAT study materials general consensus

    Im planning on taking the princeton review ultimate course, 123 hours of instruction + 7 prep books. I was looking for books with dense material coverage and I heard from people that princeton review covers topics really in depth. Also I have friends who used princeton and scored pretty well...
  15. D

    Help me find all the study material for new MCAT!! Please

    I am graduating this semester and i am planning on going to medical school. I need to start prepping for MCAT. So please anyone list the books and tips that i will need. I have seen other posts but i was as to which books to buy. I really need to score good on MCAT coz my science gpa is lower...
  16. A

    MCAT score increases after prep-programs

    Hi guys, How much did yalls score increase after taking a prep program such as princeton review or kaplan? Did you find the prep-program to be helpful or not really?
  17. A

    Princeton Review Ultimate in-class

    Hi guys, I am going to be taking the princeton review ultimate in-class course during the summer of 2018. I was wondering if anyone has taken this course already and can provide some opinions on what it was like? How much did it help? How detailed were their classes? etc. etc. etc.
  18. H

    For Sale Kaplan and Princeton Online Courses + Unused Practice!!

    I'm selling 2 online courses: Kaplan Live Course- $1000 Princeton Live Course- $1000 The practice questions, videos, and exams are unused. You can watch the lectures and take the class. I paid for both of these courses but ended up not using them. They were both $2000+. If you want the books, I...
  19. N

    MCAT Prep Materials

    So I'm looking to start studying for the MCAT. I will be graduating in June 2018 from my university but applying for the 2019 year for medical school... so I'm taking a year off to prepare for the MCAT and address other parts of my application. I have some questions: 1. Should I buy the...
  20. freedoctor17

    Help Interpreting Practice Full Length Scores 1 month out

  21. L

    NYU vs UCSF vs Cornell vs UCL vs McGill

    I have a bunch of offers but idk where to go. They're all stupidly expensive due to the fact i'm an international student from Canada. But I guess i'd appreciate some insight from alumni or current students attending each university. I'm most leaning towards Stanford or UCSF right now. NYU...
  22. V

    oat study books

    Study materials available. Ships from Chicago. Complete Destroyer series, Kaplan big blue book, and Princeton cracking the OAT. PM for price and shipping, thanks.
  23. V

    oat study materials

    kaplan big blue book princeton review cracking the oat destroyer series 2016 math/physics/orgo-gen chem-bio-quant PM me for details/shipping
  24. K

    Can i get a 504+?

    Hi guys! im taking my test in about a week and i really wanted to know if getting above a 504 is likely here! Ive been constantly reading that these practice tests are hard but i dont know how they would compare on the real test. Princeton FL: Demo Test: 497 Test 1: 498 Test 2: 497 EK: EK 1...
  25. Umyo

    OAT Raw Score to Scaled Score - Princeton Review

    Hello alll, Has anyone taken the "OAT Practice Test 1" from Princeton Review's Cracking the OAT book's online supplemental tools feature? I would like to find out if there is a way to convert my raw score for each section in this test to a scaled score. I cannot find a conversion chart to...
  26. dgbmonkey

    MCAT Prep Books For Sale

    Hey, Future Physicians! I am beginning my first year of medical school soon and am ready to part with my MCAT prep tools. I have sold a few books already, but the books in the photo are still available. If you are needing any of these materials, please message me. Best of luck on your journey...
  27. D

    Best MCAT prep Orange County

    What is the best in-class MCAT review course in the Orange County/UCI area? All of the reviews I have seen are out-dated and I want to know in reference to the new MCAT. Princeton Review or Berkeley Review or Kaplan or other?
  28. U

    Princeton Review MCAT 2015 - $200

    Hey all, I completed my MCAT last summer and got an acceptance to medical school and am now looking to sell the books. Selling all Princeton Review books (New MCAT) that I bought last year June 2015 so they are all up to date. Books are in great condition with notes/end of chapter multiple...
  29. C

    MCAT Examcrackers and Kaplan unopened

    I am looking to sell unopened Examcrackers and Kaplan MCAT book sets. Recently decided I was not cut out to be a doctor so I have no need of them. Obviously both include the online portion because they are in the package still. Both are the newest editions for the new version of the MCAT. I...
  30. Mr.Bankole

    Freshmen Undergrad Student: I WANT TO START PREPPING FOR MCAT! pls help me SND

    Hello SND family, I just finished my first semester at UMD, College Park with a 3.35 GPA. I've applied for the SMDEP sites for this upcoming summer, and I'm CNA/GNA certified. I'm a 19 year old African American male with dreams of becoming a Physician one day. I want to get a head start on...