1. love_of_lox

    WAMC/list development; Reapplicant, 518, 3.81 cGPA, 3.70 sGPA, OR

    Hello! In addition to an assessment of my chances, I would really, really appreciate any information on unspoken preferences/recommendations, e.g. very community service-oriented, research-heavy, very social justice-focused, draws heavily from its own undergrads, etc. Other information: Not...
  2. medschoolcycle_22

    Would you recommend taking this course?

    Hello, Registration is right around the corner and I was wondering if I should take this course to help boost my BCPM GPA. It's called BIOL 4560- Research Methods in Biology. This is the course description: This course provides comprehensive development of skills necessary for students to...
  3. J

    Based on my study style what would you recommend?

    For the purpose of my question let's say money is not a factor and I'd rather know my best options to help me succeed no matter the cost. I learn significantly better with videos rather than reading and the more organized the source is, the better. So if I can get away with using one or two...
  4. S

    High Stats, Very Sticky LOR Situation

    @LizzyM @gyngyn @Goro would also appreciate your feedback on my situation, thanks so much!
  5. Kobethegoat24

    Has anyone gotten a recommendation letter from a community college assistant professor?

    So I recently switched over to dental school. I have gotten my one science letter of recommendation but my second professor retired and I am unable to reach him about the letter he promised to write me :(. So i am searching for another science professor but I was never that close to any of my...
  6. R

    Early Letters of Recommendation

    Hey everybody. This is my first post. When it comes to asking for letters of recommendation very early (2 years before applying), what should I ask my professors? It is far too early for them to send it through AMCAS. So should I ask if they will send it to me, or hope that they write it now and...
  7. B

    One Year Before Application: What can I do to improve my chances?

    (Sorry in advance for how long this ended up being -- I tried to bold out my main questions) Hi all -- I am currently 23 & graduated in 2016 from a top 10 university. I was pre-med for the first 3 years of college, and ended up dropping the track at that point for various reasons and ended up...
  8. M

    How to get recommendation letters when I plan on taking a gap year or two?

    I have about a year left until I graduate. After I graduate, I plan on taking a gap year or two, so I'll be around 22-23 when I apply. I'm a psychology major. I've basically finished all of my psychology degree requirements. Right after the class had finished, I asked my professor for Research...
  9. jordij94


  10. LindaAccepted

    Medical What Does an Excellent Medical School Letter of Recommendation Include?

    An excellent letter of recommendation has several key components. On average, letters tend to be about three pages in length. Any more than that is simply too much, considering that each applicant submits at least three letters of recommendation and that medical schools receive on average 5,000...
  11. AMA2013

    Patient Health Recommendations

    What journals/websites are you using to stay current on your recommendations to patients? What topics have you been looking up recently?
  12. Kobethegoat24

    Dont know how to ask professor for recommendation letter

    So I am planning on asking my professor for a recommendation letter but i am taking a two year gap. So I don't really need the letter until june 2019 when I apply but i feel like the professors will forget me once i have graduated and its been a year. So i am going to ask them to write me a...
  13. J

    Letters of Rec through a committee and separately?

    For my application, would I be able to send another recommendation separate from the letters of recommendation that comes with my committee rec?
  14. C

    Pre-Pharmacy Student-athlete

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide some guidance or give input on what I should do. I took the PCAT Sept 8 (94 composite), have a GPA of above 3.55, and am a student-athlete at my university. With being a student-athlete, I have not been able to have an opportunity...
  15. USSNathanJames

    College Recommendations for aspiring Equine Vet

    I'm currently going into my senior year of high school and researching many colleges and universities. Honestly, I'm feeling quite lost and not sure what to really look for. I'm looking for a college in the NJ, NY, MD, PA, or DE area that has a good pre-vet program and others related to equine...
  16. B

    Rec letter for non-trad 5 years out of school

    I graduated from college in 2012 major in biochem, took a gap year for volunteering/ECs, then did a 2-year grad program in genetic counseling (not post-bac) and has been working full-time as a genetic counselor for 2 years (clinical experience seeing patients with genetic issues in pregnancy)...
  17. A

    No committee letter, but school offers one

    My school writes committee letters, but they require students to open a file with the pre-med office a year prior to applying to medical schools. Since I didn't know about this, I missed the deadline to open a file and now I will not receive a committee letter. Will this look bad on my...
  18. Snickerdoodle1996

    Undergrad Letters of Recommendations

    Hi everyone, I am a second year student so I will be applying to med school next year. Is it too early now to start asking for letters of recommendation? There is one professor that I feel comfortable asking now and dont want to lose touch with .
  19. A

    Schools that do NOT require Teacher Rec letter

    Anyone know of schools that don't require the teacher rec letter? I'm considering mostly Texas schools but would be willing for any out of state schools like NY, FL, CA, CO
  20. J

    Engineer to Dental School - How should I ask my Manager for a recommendation letter

    Hi Guys, I am working as a Mechanical Engineer currently and trying to get into dental school. I am having a little issues here about recommendations. So I could get some recommendations from my professors but since I graduated more than 5 years ago, I am not confident how strong the...