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    PTCAS - How do you indicate Repeated Classes from different institutions?

    Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to indicate repeated coursework from different institutions? I decided to retake a few of my pre-requisite classes at a community college after graduating from a 4-year university. For example, I took a chemistry course at the university, and decided...
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    How to move past "failure" and into destiny; A Retrospective Review

    Hi Everyone! My name is A and I am a second year medical student at an accredited school in the US. I recall a time when I was applying to medical school and really relied on some of the things that I saw posted here on SDN. One recurring theme that I saw however, was that the majority of the...
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    Repeated courses

    I retook classes in community college and before I transfered to a four year school. My first college (Community College of Rhode Island) has academic forgiveness but it I unlimited. What should I put under the mount of credits the class was if I didn't receive credit until the last time I took...
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    Number of Research Experiences for Residency

    How many research experiences does the average medical student has when applying for residency? For example, I currently am writing an article with an ortho surgeon, which we are hoping to publish by october this year and will be presented as a poster as well in september. I am also working on...
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    Repeating the MCAT - Is it a good idea?

    Hi all! I graduated from the University of Toronto with an unimpressive GPA (3.13). I wrote the MCAT while taking a course overload, with virtually no preparation, and scored a 503 (63rd percentile). I know that I am capable of a much much better score. I fared quite well on the Psychology &...
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    voluntarily repeating MS1?

    http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/voluntarily-repeating-ms1.986063/ So I read the above thread from a few years ago, but I am in a slightly different situation. I am wondering how it would affect residency if I took half a year off on medical leave. I think I should take care of my...
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    Repeat intern year and residency funding.

    To the short of it, I was at PGY-1 in a categorical residency and had to leave due to some family crises. I left about 8-9 months into my intern year. I understand GME funding is not available or at least limited for repeating years of categorical programs. Does this extend to my circumstance...
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    If You Had to Do It Again

    Hi everyone! I just finished my freshman year of college. Im interested to know what you all wish you could change about the way you approached being a pre-dent and what you could do over again if given a second opportunity to begin as a freshman again. Also, what do you advise me to be doing...
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    Retaking dcourses

    Hello I was going to repeat some pre-req courses at a Community College but just discovered that UC schools do not allow repeating passed courses and may show up as "unauthorized repeat." So, I was wondering how bad can retaking may look upon by ADcom and Pharmcas personnel - if they have a way...
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    Repeating second year

    Hello, I have to repeat 2nd year of medschool. I failed 2 classes this year, got a 69.45 in one of them , but I have to repeat and if I fail anything my repeat year, I have to have a hearing for dismissal. My problem this year was that my school changed to NBME exams and I have done poorly on...
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    Repeated Course

    Does anyone know how vmcas uses repreated courses when calculating gpa? Like do they average the grades together or do they take the highest grade or does it depend on which school you apply to?
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    Repeating clerkship

    Hi guys, I have a question I would like to ask: So, I am an international medical student, currently in my clinical year, finished with two clinical postings at this point (Pediatrics and ObGyn). With pediatrics as my first posting, there were a lot of issues going on for me at the time with...
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    Struggling and i want to know my chances

    This is my first post on here. I'm 21, 3rd year in college education. First two or so I went to a community college and did most of my pre-req, I might have to do extra 2 classes because the university I go to requires little different classes. However, I am struggling in the science section. I...