1. 3lindsy5

    Counseling on Elemental Calcium

    How do you guys explain to a patient that elemental calcium is different than what is listed on the bottle (calcium carb or calcium citrate)? And how to help them calculate their total daily dose based on that. I have tried math (0.4 x the bottles listed mg for carb & 0.21 for citrate), I've...
  2. B

    Endocrinology vs Rheumatology

    Hey all, I’m nearing the end of my PGY 1 year in IM and I’ve decided that I’d like to pursue a lifestyle specialty. So far I’ve narrowed it to Endocrine vs Rheum. Based on my research, both fields are comparable in terms of lifestyle and pay, I was wondering if any attendings or fellows in...
  3. T

    Rheumtalogy fellowship 2021

    Hi Guys, I am a Canadian IMG, on a J1 visa, in my second year of residency in a community IM program with close university affiliation. My stats are Step 1/2/3 scores: 249/260/227, two chapters in a leading medical textbook/a case report submitted/one research project underway (may or may not...
  4. prn123

    Rheum vs pulm crit

    Hi all, I’m an IM resident at a university-affiliated community hospital. I want to apply for fellowship, however, am torn between rheum and pulm crit. I do realize that these are two very different career paths and a lot of people would not be choosing between two of them. On the other hand, I...
  5. prn123

    Deciding between rheum and pulm crit

    Hi all, I’m an IM resident at a university-affiliated community hospital. I want to apply for fellowship, however, am torn between rheum and pulm crit. I do realize that these are two very different career paths and a lot of people would not be choosing between two of them. On the other hand, I...
  6. R

    Primary care prior to rheumatology

    I did primary care for a few years and now applying for rheumatology. Would this count against me? how should I approach explaining this so it would be in my favor? Thanks for your help.
  7. M

    Flexible time in rheum fellowship

    So for my second year of rheum fellowship, we get a bit of flexibility in deciding our schedules. I have 2 days a week I can fill however I want--research/flex time, continuity clinic, ultrasound/injection clinic, other subspecialty clinics. I've had such a busy first year that I'm kind of...
  8. S

    Taking Step 1 after Match for IM Fellowships

    Hello! I got in the mid-high 400s on my Comlex I and II and ended up taking Step 2CK and did pretty well (230s range). During interview season, PDs actually asked why there was such a jump between my COMLEX and USMLE scores and they wished I had taked Step 1. I am applying for IM and am looking...
  9. S

    Rheumatology outside of academia

    Hey SDN! I'm an IM resident choosing a subspecialty to apply to. At my institution, the rheumatologists absolutely amazing. They see sick as all heck patients with SLE nephritis and alveolitis, ANCA positive vasculitis, and all sorts of bizarre immune-mediated diseases that I learned about med...
  10. Akam ahz


    Hello, My book says a statement that I can't understand in regard to polyarthritis, it says: 'It leaves the joint completely free after few days' Could someone explain it for me? Thanks!
  11. gokro

    Lucrative Rheum Job Opening in Sunny Miami

    A great area to raise your family in a safe and supportive community, enjoy 300+ days of sunshine per year, work with a terrific team. Single specialty (rheumatology) private practice seeks fun, upbeat BC/BE rheumatologist looking for healthy work/life balance. Be busy from day one. Strong...
  12. cmelist

    CME The Brigham Board Review in Rheumatology (Rheumatology CME)

    The Brigham Board Review in Rheumatology Posted by Bernard Sklar, MD CME Credit Hours: 25.5 CME Credits Awarded by Oakstone Publishing, LLC. Cost: $1,095 - $1,695 Format: On-Demand Online, Online Video, Online Audio, Audio CD Target Audience: Fellows/trainees and practicing Rheumatology...
  13. C

    Am I competitive for fellowship in Rheumatology or Geriatrics

    I am a US-IMG. I matched to a community program with university affiliation. Step 1 score 236 Step2 CK score 229 Step2 CS passes first attempt. No publication. There is no in house rheumatology in our program. I looked at past fellowship matching data in our program. There are 2-3 people who...

    Poly-arteritis nodosa presenting as bilateral renal infarction

    A 47yo woman presents to the GP with left sided abdominal pain that has been present for a week. No fever or other symptoms. No relevant history or medication - Contrast-enhanced CT: left renal infarction - Angiography: dissection of left renal artery The day after discharge, she presents...
  15. N

    Rheum: Starting prednisone on suspected conditions as initial treatment question

    Hello, this is my first post. I'm from Chile and I'm in my first year of internship. Once a Rheumatologist told us to not starting prednisone in rheumatoid arthritis suspicion (we don't have access to DMARDs as general practitioners) because at time of referral there will be no objective...
  16. D

    Electives to help with rheumatology

    I'm looking into rheumatology but some places I want to apply for don't offer rheum electives to IMGs. What can I choose that will still help me match in rheum? Choices are things like Hematology/Oncology, Dermatology, Nephrology, Endocrinolgy, Radiology, psych....
  17. Bean_Bunny

    Pediatric Rheumatology Fellowship 2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Good morning! Anyone out there either applying for pediatric rheumatology this year or anyone who's been through this process recently? Would love to have a group to post through the cycle and would love any advice that prior applicants may have when applying to pediatric rheumatology. Thanks!
  18. P

    Advise me please

    Hey guys, hope you have some time to read my post. Med student here,not in the US but in Europe.I would like some pieces of advice as far as pediatric rheumatology is concerned.I am currently involved in some research projects in the wider field of rheumatology in which i am definitely...
  19. Crayola227

    ~~Official Rheum Gathering thread~~

    the psych forum is debating whether or not fibromyalgia is real, and I thought it would be great to get some input from rheum rheum, unlike some other IM subspecialties, doesn't seem to have its own forum on this board so I don't know where my rheum dawgs are at chime in if you are rheum...