1. sherer1

    UMICH students in the Academic Surgeon Development Program?

    Hello, IF by some miracle I get into UMich, I would be very interested in joining SCRUBS-ASDP. How does one go about joining research projects in the surgery department as an MS? Do you have any general advice?
  2. H

    Midwestern Arizona scrubs

    hi I want to buy a surprise pair of scrubs for my brother that got into midwestern Arizona optometry school. He mentioned that they’re supposed to be galaxy blue but the nicer scrub brands that I’m looking at don’t have an option for that color. Anyone know if the Figs brand navy color (1st pic)...
  3. can can

    Is it OK to watch medical TV dramas?

    I am a premed and the only time I watched any medical dramas was when I watched scrubs and grays anatomy in middle school. Right now I kind of want to continue watching grays anatomy and also this new show the good doctor, but I am scared exposing myself to these dramatized renditions will give...
  4. sofpink

    MD & DO Scrubs for anatomy (if preggo)

    I need some help deciding which type of scrubs to buy for anatomy class. Thing is, I'm 3m pregnant and I'm scared to buy something that is going to become uncomfortable or won't fit me in a couple of months. Any suggestions?
  5. P

    Moonlighting: What to Wear?

    Hi, all! I'm a PGY-3 psychiatry resident starting a moonlighting position soon and I'm wondering what you all think appropriate attire would be. The answer is, of course, "that depends," so I'm just looking for general thoughts. I will be working at an inpatient state psychiatric facility...
  6. merd3ster90

    Army intern: scrubs and fleece?

    Just out of sheer curiosity, will interns at a military hospital be allowed to wear scrubs and a black fleece (no logos)? I know they can wear scrubs+white coat, but what about going sans white coat or pairing scrubs with a black fleece? Is there a "uniform code" interns must strictly follow...
  7. Snickerdoodle1996

    Most Comfortable Scrubs?

    What are the most comfortable scrub brands for women?
  8. Snickerdoodle1996

    Shadowing ER Doctor Attire

    Hi! I am going to be shadowing an ER doctor soon and am not sure what to wear. I asked what the preference was and they told me that I can either wear scrubs or professional attire. Does anyone have any recommendations based on experience? Thank you.
  9. ChymeofPassion

    Best med speciality for chicks

    Just saw the classic chicks money power chicks episode of Scrubs. What do yall think is the best specialty for chicks/dudes (Half joke half serious)
  10. E

    Special Offer - Get Men's Scrub with exclusive discount

    Description: Dickies logo twill tape at the back neck Double chest pocket with self strapping and a D-ring Patch pockets Stretchy Galaxy Blue knit interior pocket (White knit pocket on White Back yoke Center back seam Side vents 29" length Made with 55% cotton/45% polyester Now, You can buy...
  11. ScienceBrah

    Student Scrubs

    Hey! Once you all graduate, what do you do with your student scrubs? Many hospitals require certain scrubs for certain units so I was wondering what you do with the ones you can't wear anymore. Or even the ones that are too big or too small. I'm looking for a large collection of used scrubs of...