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Feb 18, 2018
20DECF7B-68A1-49DC-AEEA-BD72D47FAE41.jpeg 165CA778-3DF3-4F88-8C1D-7AC3C588281A.jpeg hi I want to buy a surprise pair of scrubs for my brother that got into midwestern Arizona optometry school. He mentioned that they’re supposed to be galaxy blue but the nicer scrub brands that I’m looking at don’t have an option for that color. Anyone know if the Figs brand navy color (1st pic) or the deep royal blue (2nd pic) would be acceptable? (Tried to add a link but i can’t) The scrubs look pretty bright blue in a lot of the Facebook pics on the midwestern page but I can’t tell if they look that vivid in real life. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


Midwestern AZCOPT C/O 2021
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Jun 2, 2015
Glendale, AZ
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They are more like the second picture. The brand the book store carries is Cherokee. You should be able to find them online. Most brands seem to carry a galaxy blue, just not normally in stores.
Congrats to your brother he is going to enjoy his time at azcopt, if you or him have any questions let me know!
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